Posted by: Isidora | September 21, 2018

Late is better than never

Just a note to tell you how wonderful each of you who joined me for the Isis Magic classes this past semester is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You inspire me. You make me do research to answer your very excellent questions. You have experiences that are different than mine and make me think of things I hadn’t considered. You make me work hard to figure out how to share all of this with you. And, oh yes, yes, yes. You teach me; we teach each other. Which really is the best way, don’t you think? I am humbled by your dedication, your Work, and your love of Her. May She bless you abundantly. And may She kick your ass when necessary (I say this only because one of the most recent comments on my blog was about Isis the Ass-Kicker…which She will do. I love You, Isis. Thank You, Isis.) And if I may say so, each of you has kicked MY ass this past semester and I am so thankful for it.





  1. would have loved to have been there..

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