A votive Work in honor of the Goddess Isis


I’ve had two books on Isis published: Isis Magic, Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names and Offering to Isis, Knowing the Goddess through Her Sacred Symbols.

The newly revised and expanded second edition of Isis Magic is now available. Here’s what it looks like:

Isis-Magic-by-MAs in the previous edition, the first part of Isis Magic helps you discover the many faces of Isis as seen through the eyes of Her devotees, from ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean world to the secret societies of the past and the NeoPagan and polytheist groups and individuals of today. The second part offers a spiritual path that guides you in creating or deepening your own relationship with this most powerful and magical of living Goddesses.

Here’s what’s new:

  •  New meditations and exercises
  • New rituals for every stage of your relationship with Isis
  • A more powerful Opening of the Ways rite for the Votary
  • More graceful Egyptian language for the Star of Isis ritual
  • A new same-sex wedding ceremony
  • A new rite of ascension for the Magician of Isis
  • A major new initiatory rite, The Twelve Hours of the Night, for the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis
  • Less formal, easier-to-understand ritual instructions
  • New illustrations to help explain concepts, and new photographs to enjoy
  • And for the scholars among us, true footnotes rather than endnotes—to make your own further researches easier

I think you’ll like the new edition. It really is improved. I know I’m very happy with the results. Enjoy!

For archival purposes, I’ve left the old information up here, too. This is the cover of the first edition:


Here’s the back-cover blurb from the old edition:

Take an experiential journey into the magical religion of one of the most well-loved Goddesses of all time. Divine Mother, Mistress of Magic, Goddess of the Green Earth, Queen of Mysteries, Goddess of Women and Sacred Sexuality, Lady of Hermetic Wisdom…Isis Magic begins with a fascinating history of this many-aspected Goddess of Ten Thousand Names. Then apply this information during a four-part initiatory journey through the House of Isis as you become Her Votary, Her Handmaiden or Servant, Her Magician, and Her Prophetess or Prophet. Through a series of exercises, meditations, and fully scripted rituals, you will be touched by the heart of  Isis and cultivate your relationship with this powerful, magical, and living Goddess.

On a spiritual level, this process fosters growth and personal transformation. On a practical level, you will increase your magical and priest/esscraft skills as you learn Isiac ways of healing, celebrating the seaons, honoring life passages, practicing divination, and more.

Isis Magic is complete, well researched, and deeply experiential. It is the perfect resource for the individual seeker, to inspire your circle or coven, or as a program of personal development for those called by Isis to be Her priestesses and priests.


Offering to Isis cvr

And here’s the back-cover blurb from Offering to Isis:

“By giving and receiving, receiving and giving, the connections between human and Divine, Divine and human, were eternally woven and rewoven. The interdependence between the worlds was continually strengthened and sweetened by the giving of gifts.”

—M. Isidora Forrest

Modern Devotion to an Ancient Goddess

Making offering is one of the most important ways human beings communicate with the Goddesses and Gods. Hallowed by tradition, empowered by magic, offering was a vital part of the worship of every Egyptian Deity. With Offering to Isis, it is also a powerful way modern Neo-Pagans, Wiccans, Neo-Egyptians, Kemetics, Hermetics, Magicians, and others interested in Her can develop their own relationship with one of the most enduring and beloved Goddesses of all time—the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

Offering to Isis introduces you to the theory and practice of these ancient Egyptian rituals, and shows how they can be used today for spiritual growth and sacred magic. The simple act of making offering has many facets—devotion, meditation, communion, thanksgiving, and more. It is also an active form of prayer and a way to participate directly with the creative energy of the universe. Lyrical and literate, this guidebook features an easy-to-use ritual dictionary that fully explains seventy-two symbolic offerings to Isis—the “sacred symbols” of the Goddess—and provides beautifully written invocations that you may use in making your own offerings to Isis.

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  1. Blessings Isidora:
    I have both your books, and love them both.
    I also want your next edition of Iis Magic. We use Isis Magic
    in our Goddess Studies with Laura Janedaughter.
    PS: I learned how to tie the knot from it. (Smile)

    Offerings To Isis:
    I have used some of these offerings in my solitary rituals.
    I just love this book!!

    Anniitra Ravenmoon

  2. Thank you both! I’ll keep you up to date on re-publication. How would you feel about:

    a) an e-book version

    b) a two volume edition….background info in first volume and practical in the second


    1. Will there be an E-book for offering to isis? I would love to be able to read the books, but people are reselling them at a high price and I would like to be able to give my resources and money to the person who actually wrote the books

      1. An e-book would be wonderful. The resale prices are inaccessible. Thanks Isidora. I really can’t wait to read your work.

      2. Hi, Michele,

        There are no plans for an ebook at present. But I’m happy to say that Offering to Isis IS being republished in a new edition by a small publisher, Azoth Press. What they do is to create a collector’s edition first, then publish a paperback for the rest of us. So, when that comes out it will not be at the silly prices you sometimes find for that first edition. Many blessings!

    2. Hello Isadora!

      I’ve been scouring the internet for your books and can’t seem to find them in print anywhere (that I can afford).

      I’ve only recently heard of Aset and am finding it very difficult to truly learn about her.

      Do you know when there will be another printing of all editions? I feel I need to read all of your works.

      1. Hello! Yes, everything is out of print right now. At some point, they will be back. Probably print on demand for Isis Magic. Hopefully next year, Offering to Isis will be out in a new edition. In the meantime, you can learn a lot from this blog. Look into the past posts 😉 and welcome to the wonderful world of Isis!

  3. I have the second book, which I find extremely helpful… and have been watching for a copy of the first… please let me know when it comes out.

    1. I’m sure there will those who prefer the e-version, but I prefer paper and ink.

    2. Is this a combination of the two books?


  4. Hi, Scott!

    On question 2….no. It’s just that Isis Magic is large and it can be easily divided into two sections: background information and the practical. So it would be the same book, but in two pieces rather than all together.

    I prefer paper and ink myself 😉

    1. , What’s an Isis class? It turned out she didn’t take the class, but when I lkooed online and realized how amazing it sounded, I signed up for Next Steps right away! Now my daughter and I are on our fifth class, and many have been with moms and babies we met in Next Steps. I love Isis!

  5. I too prefer the book.

    Even if it is two books.

    I go through so many computers, that
    for me the e-book would probably get lost. Plus, I like the book on my library shelves (smiling)

    I’ll wait for the books.


  6. Please let me know when Isis Magic is republished. I was able to track down one of the originals, and it was THE main book I used during my Priestess training with Fellowship of Isis. I can’t wait for it be be readily available again so that I can share it with as many people as possible! It is a treasure for those seeking the Goddess and the Ways in which to be with Her!
    Thanks for all that hard work, Isidora!

    Goddess blessings,
    Raven Keyes

  7. Way cool 🙂 Hold on to your hat… 😉

    Could you write up some different ways of doing the “Star of Isis” ritual with maybe some visuals on who/what to picture in place of the 4 Archangels?

    Maybe alternate “Words of Power” while drawing
    the pentagrams & something more symbolic to visualize in place of “for about me flames the pentagram & within shines the 6-rayed star?”

    Also, different “Words of Power” for the Middle Pillar/Lotus Wand ritual?

    Also, an Isiac form of the “Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram”?

    Also, ways of Invoking the Planets?

    Basically, what I am asking for is a daily ritual formula. 🙂

    LBRP, BRH, MP, LBRP…equivalent to that 🙂

    Planetary invocations for making Talismans.

    I know you are probably rolling on the floor right now by all my requests but you know, I was/am a Golden Dawn magician 😉

    Hopefully, you don’t hate me now 🙂


  8. Hi, Sibby!

    In Isis Magic, the Star of Isis has Egyptian equivalents to the Qab Cross….and then it uses aspects of Isis—Isis of Air, Isis of Fire, Isis of Water, and Isis of Earth—in place of the Archangels…and offers Isiac changes for the rest of the basic Pentagram Ritual.

    For the Lotus Wand (Isiac MP), you can check out Budge’s Hieroglyphic dictionary to find Words of Power that you might like in place of the vibration of Isis’ name. If you’re familiar with the MP, you should be able to look up appropriate words for those spots.

    I haven’t addressed planetary invocations 😉 But feel free to experiment!

    As you can no doubt tell from Isis Magic, I have GD roots as well.

    Under Her Wings,

  9. Oh yes, I know that you are a Golden Dawn Adept 😉
    *he humbly bows.

    What I do now is visualize “egyptianized” versions of the Archangels when I do the “Star of Isis”.

    My original Archangels looked kinda Babylonian/Sumerian.

    I like to vibrate names but don’t know what to vibrate instead of “Raphael, etc..”.

    I know I am just being a little overly-@nal here 🙂

    I know I could just do the LBRP but just trying to keep it all totally “Isian” 😉

    For planet stuff, I just still use the GD hexagrams.

    I just need alternatives for the Hebrew Godnames & Ararita 😉

    Sorry for all the questions 🙂

    Thank you for everything.

    You have done a GREAT service to Isis.

    You are a precious gem 🙂

    Ok, end of me talking so much.

    Under Her Wings,
    Sibyl M&M’s

  10. Humbly speaking
    & just trying to protect you monetarily,
    if you eBOOK it people will “pirate” it all over the web.

    Don’t make it easier for people to do that.

    You deserve better than that.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Under Her Wings,
    Sibyl M

  11. I’ve noticed that neither of your books are truly available on amazon. They can be purchased by used book sellers who are doing their best to abuse their pricing privileges. Please let me know where I may obtain these books at a decent price, and when Isis Magic goes back into print. I’ve honored Isis throughout all my journeys. She’s been the one constant guiding force in my life.

    Thank you! May Isis keep you within her wings.


    P.S. Isis as the Goddess of words of power brought me to my career as a Hypnotherapist – the healing words of power ;O)

  12. Hi, Lonnie!

    Yes, both books are officially out-of-print now…hence the price jump. Now they’re “collectable.” You can still sometimes find an okay price of them…the $28 for Offering on amazon isn’t too bad. Occasionally I see them on ebay. Sometimes high, sometimes not.

    Both books will be republished at some point…but I’m afraid I don’t know what that point is right now 😦 Stay connected here and I’ll definitely let you know.

    Under Her Wings,

  13. Oh, Isidora, the world needs your books now more than ever! I ADORE your work, and these books have been, and continue to be, my pathway to the Goddess Isis! I will reach out to a friend of mine who is in publishing – is it that your publisher is dragging their feet? Let me think on this. Now that the Goddess has returned to the Earth, we Her daughters, need to know “the way” home, and your books are the illumination!
    Love to you, as always, and to all your fans as well! Raven Keyes

  14. Scott, I didn’t say that quite right – for sure, She has been with us always; its just that AWARENESS of Her is returning to the earth in unexpected places and people. I say this because I teach meditation in a high end health club chain called Equinox Fitness, attended by the elite of NYC, and I am witnessing that those who you would never imagine would be drawn to the Goddess are finding their way to Her! So in a sense, She has “returned”.

    Goddess Bless!

  15. I most assuredly agree with you there! Her re-emergence is astounding… lol… I’ll be in NYC in two weeks to visit my family, and I plan on seeing the Isis Temple at the Met. Have you seen it?

    Goddess protect you,

  16. Yes, Scott, I’ve seen the Isis Temple at the Met – it is astounding, and wait until you see all the other statues there. It makes me cry!
    Are you coming in for the Xmas holidays? I believe I’ll be teaching on Tuesday night the 22nd at 8 pm at Equinox on the upper west side, and on Wed. the 23rd at noon on the east side; maybe you’d like to come as my guest to one of those classes? I am then off for vacation for two weeks.

  17. Arg! I’d have loved to have been… the family and I are flying in on the 25th and leaving Jan 1… I’m even more eager to see the Met now 😉 Maybe we can sync up on the next visit…


  18. I have a used copyof your “Isis Magic” I would love a new one, and one for my daughter

  19. I, too, am looking forward to the re-publication of Isis Magic in particular, since it is the gold standard for Priestess training, and I am in need of this book for my students.
    Is there a projected date?
    Blessed be,

  20. I’d love to know when you re-publish, and really would prefer a paper version of the book. I worked through a good chunk of the book when my Grandmother was dying in 2000–2001. It was a great aid and comfort to me, and my practice with Isis deepened immeasurably.

    Best regards, and thank you–

    1. My daughter is 19 mnhtos old and we have been to the community baby pool a few times. The entire pool goes up to her lower chest area. She likes to walk around and I always have to struggle with her to hold my hand. If she lets go (which she often does), she can fall face forward even though I’m right there walking next to her bent over the whole time. How do I handle this? The entire pool is up to her lower chest. Other than that I can take her in the deep area with me and hold her or use a sitting floatie for a few minutes til she gets tired of that. She really enjoys the water, but I want her to be safe!Should she wear arm floaties in the baby pool but that wouldn’t prevent her from falling?? My sister’s community pool, which we can go to less frequently, has a shallow area that opens up to the bigger pool but at least she can wet her feet and sit and play, but then always wants to venture off in the deeper end. What are you thoughts? Thanks for your time.

  21. I look forward to you republising this amazing book! hope it all happens soon… i prefer ink and paper but would be happy with anything!

  22. I would love to know when this book is republished – my boyfriend has a copy and I’m just in love with it!

  23. Please let me know when Isis Magic will be republished. It is wonderful – and I could only keep it checked out from interlibrary loan for way too short of time. I’ve been watching the used copy prices listed on Amazon continue to go up while wrestling with my desire and my budget. Thank you for the gift this book is.

    1. Y a isidora le entrncaaa ya veras que si pero para que esperar? cantasela muy cerquita sobre la pancita de tu amor 🙂 seguro y recibes respuesta .Muchossss besitos y muchassss bendiciones a tu preciosa familia Gonzalito

  24. I also would like to know when the book will be published again. Thank you! Amma Aset!

  25. This year is the year for the 10th anniversary edition of Isis Magic. There will be new meditations and rituals…and some online bonus material, too. I don’t have an exact date…but you can be sure I’ll let all you know right here!

  26. I went to to see your books. They have Isis Magic available, But above you mention a second edition. So, I am torn. Do I wait for the second edition or buy the first edition? I am more interested in your theology of Isis than more arcane ritual and meditation, although, interesting. I believe one can carry Isis in mind, heart and soul where Her divine presence and power are invoked by merely thinking of Her or speaking Her name. But have no doubt, I’ll probably wind up buying both editions. You have excellent insight, by the way. I had suspected that the worship of Mary as Mother of God in Catholic theology, the so-called Marian doctrine, was really the continuation (or, at least, the co-opting) of the worship of Isis as Mother of God (a rose is a rose which by any other name would smell as sweet, as Willy would say), and, so, when browsing through your opening comments in Isis Magic at the website, there were your comments of similar vein. Great minds think alike, some also say. By the way, what’s with those prices on I hope you’re getting some of that money.

  27. Hi, Donald! Thank you for your kind comments. I quite agree that She is held in our hearts and minds 😉

    Just FYI, the crazy prices on amazon are because the book is officially out of print and so “collectable.” But no, I’m not getting any of that. It’s all resale and so goes to whoever actually has the book in hand.

    Many blessings! I’ll let you all know when the 2nd edition is coming out!

  28. Please let me know when the second edition is released. I am really looking forward to owning a copy of your book! I considered buying a copy from amazon but since the book is out of print, I simply cannot afford what they are asking for a new copy. So when I found your website and saw that you were going to be releasing a second edition, I literally jumped for joy! Can’t wait to hear from you 🙂 Thank you and Blessings, Jen

  29. Please let me know when the second edition will be released. I am excited to read it.
    Thank you, Angela

  30. Add me to the list of those who would like to know when the second edition is available! As a new follower of Mother Isis I am very much looking forward to reading it. Thank you!

  31. Please also let me know when the second edition is released! I’m rather excited to begin reading it! Blessings, Greta

  32. I have been following the path of Isis for nearly 10 years now, and have also worked extensively with Sekhmet and Bastet. An unstoppable magickal trio — bar none! With the help of Isis, Sekhmet and Bastet, I found my wonderful soulmate and husband, managed to sell our 1 bedroom condo in this awful economy (and make a profit!), and just bought a beautiful new home! The Goddess is truly great! Dua Isis! MUST have a copy of Isis Magic!

  33. I’ve been fortune to secure copies of both ‘Isis Magic’ and ‘Offering to Isis,’ which are now the cornerstone of my Isis library. Thank you, Isidora, for your amazing works. Please let me know when the ‘Isis Magic’ second edition will be available.

    I’m preparing to formally start my path with the votary ritual next Monday. At some point I’m hoping to work with the ‘Goddess Isis Temple Chants’ album by L.V.X. Occulta. Do you know whether it will be re-published in CD form or made available as MP3 tracks? Thanks!

  34. Your work is amazing! I have both books and refer to them again and again. I did the ritual to become a votary of Isis and the richness I am experiencing through Her work is impossible to be described. I would love to have the second edition though so please keep me in mind too.

  35. I am trying to get a copy of this CD would any of you know where I can find it?
    L.V.X. Occulta • Goddess Isis Temple Chants

  36. Hi, there! It’s because it’s out of print right now…so, it’s rare and some sellers sell it for what they can get. We plan to republish, but it won’t be for a while yet. Isis Magic is coming out first…and soon! Under Her Wings, Isidora

  37. Hello Isidora, oh I just had to reply, I am so happy to have found Isiopolis. I have had your Isis Magic book for some time and just love it. I recently reconnected with the Goddess and properly this time, becoming a votary. So looking forward to perusing the archives here and developing my devotion to the Goddess. Hope the second edition of the book can be out soon and that I can find the other book somewhere over here in the UK.

    Em hotep nefer, aw ibetj
    Em heset en Iset


  38. Can you please inform me when Isis Magic 10th anniversary edition is available. I am in the UK so I will need both the book cost & shipping please. I have a Paypal account

    1. Hi, Mary!

      Happily, Isis Magic is available now! You can purchase it at:

      The book is $29.95 (US) and shipping via US Post Office Priority Mail (the lowest cost from west coast US to England) is $23.95.

      I hate that the shipping is so much, but I guess it is traveling halfway round the world…

      I hope you enjoy it and may Isis bless!

      Under Her Wings, Isidora

    2. I’ve worked at WGBH for the past nine years the best part are the pelpoe here. As soon as I announced I was expecting several of my co-workers suggesting going to Isis Maternity for classes and gear. My one co-worker highly recommended the yoga classes too. I’m due in Sept, but my husband and I checked out the Arlington location since we were too excited to wait. We saw tons of cute toys and gear that we want to buy. Plus we got a great lesson in high chairs and strollers. I asked about having a baby registry with Isis and was told it might be possible this summer. I’m keeping my fingers grossed In the meantime, we plan to sign up for the natural childbirth class, breastfeeding, infant CPR, and newborn essentials.Isis is great!

  39. Many thanks for the reply

    I have ordered the book, postage I thought would be a bit dear

    Many thanks

  40. Isis Magic has completely transformed my life! It’s as if you knew the exact experiences I was having with The Goddess. I just stared in awe at some of the entries. When I read “Did that hawk circle above you as you drive your car down a country road with Her name on your lips?” I nearly keeled over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this incredibly well-researched, loving tribute to our most Holy Queen Isis. I’ve recommended the book to so many people they’re probably tired of hearing from me!

    Thank you.

  41. Thank you, Andrea. Hearing that really makes me so happy. And it’s wonderful to hear about other people’s experience with Her. Many blessings,

  42. Thank you, Isidora. In many ways I feel like Apuleius, impatient but totally inept. In fact, there should probably be a stage before Votary called Inept! Everything I do seems to profane rather than worship Isis – trying to assemble the tools, fumbling to learn the rituals, trying to make space in a cramped apartment, practicing tying the Tiet so I do it properly when I’m ready for the ritual… I may end up setting a record for longest pre-Votary initiation since pre-Dynastic times!

  43. okay, I promise I won’t become a chronic poster… but this is beyond incredible. I’ve just had an experience I’m still trying to fathom but I feel is of great importance to the Pagan community. It can’t be expressed in a post. And I don’t even think I should. Nor do I think The Goddess would approve. What I can say (I think) is that over the course of last 24 hours I was literally initiated into the Mysteries by Isis Herself. I know it sounds incredible, and believe me I’m not given to flights of fancy. But it happened and my life is forever changed – under Her protective wings. – Thank you, Isidora.

    1. Hi, Lunara!

      Unfortunately, this edition is just in English…at least for now. We couldn’t afford to do two editions. But I’m so happy the first publisher was able to do the translation.

      Under Her Wings,

      1. Ok.. ;( mmmm do you recommend me buy it?, has it more new exercises than the old?, maybe i can understand if the english is not written very complicated. LOVE!!

      2. Hi, Lunara! It does have new exercises and rituals. The English is about as complicated as the previous edition. The ritual instructions have been simplified a bit, but I’m not sure how much that will help.

  44. well, that didn’t last long! Lol… I’m just here to attest that Seymour was absolutely right.. Isis does choose Her own priest or priestess when the postulate has reached their limit (undergoing a crisis). I think (I don’t know) it’s only then that She can indwell Her shrine. But I can say what follows is a peace and tranquility, a connection so powerful, so meaningful, so profound as to be indescribable. And I might add, I think I picked wisely Tying the Knot of Isis at the precise moment the blood moon rose overhead.

    How can I thank you for this amazing book?

  45. Today, Beltane, as I walked along the road, searching for flowers for Isis, I thought of the ravages to Her beautiful earth. I wondered if She ever got mad about the way it’s mistreated. Then I reminded myself She’s Divine and beyond such pettiness. But I recalled a meditation about Isis’s “fierce” side in Isis Magic and made a mental note to do that meditation this evening. One minute later, I was forced off the road by a truck and broke my ankle and two ribs.

    It may sound silly, but this has shaken my nascent faith. And I really can’t afford to let that happen. So many amazing things have happened to me. I adore Isis. She is wonderful beyond words. But I don’t know how to process this..And I can’t help feeling I’m NOT under Her protective wings and I don’t know what happened..

    It’s just incredibly sad.

    1. Oh my! I hope you got the medical care you need and are patched up? Very painful, I’m sure. I can’t imagine that this is in any way connected with punishment or anger from Her. Just some jerk and/or distracted driver in a truck. Sometimes shit does just happen. There are tragedies in everyone’s life, even when we are under Her wings. There’s a saying about “Enlightenment! Then chop wood, carry water.” The Divine is with us, but there’s also life and in life, there are accidents. It’s also okay to have doubts. You won’t “ruin anything.” She is there and isn’t leaving…even if you doubt. This might be a good time to focus your energies on healing…which is definitely an area in which She can help. Imagine Her brushing Her wings on your injuries as you ask to heal…and of course, do as your doc suggests, too. Let me know how you’re doing after you’ve given it a little time.

  46. Thank you, Isadora. Just to know She isn’t leaving b/c of a moment of doubt lifts so much grief from my heart. To me. She is Isis Soteira. I’ll focus my energies on healing and try your suggestions.

  47. You’re definitely right. Awe, tears, joy and pain are certainly part of the experience of Nesutet Isis. After an initiation strikingly simliar to the one described by Lucius – minus the Olympian stole which, I agree, represents the fact the initiate’s is no longer subject to the fate of the stars – I castigated Isis for my accident, breaking an auspicious bond that She initiated and I sealed. I entered a Dark Night of the Soul where Sothis is hidden from view.

    When I realized my terrible mistake I tried to revive my connection, but the magic was gone. To make matters worse, my broken bones prevented me from performing rituals. So my connection grew steadily weaker. In the darkness, I returned to the “condition” from which I was saved. With nowhere to turn, I re-read Isis Magic and an inscription you cited from the Temple of Edfu jumped out at me: “…God loves purity more than millions of offerings.”

    I decided my nemset jug (shower) was not exactly the level of “purity” needed. So I took a few days to “purify” myself more fully. The sharp breath returned. The feeling of Her nearness. The return of Sothis (and an Innundation of epic proportions). You were right! She didn’t leave!

    You were also right – I might add – when you said “six months could be well spent” as a Votary. I remember reading those words for the first time and laughing to myself: “Ha! I’ll just breeze through this Votary stuff. I’m Priestess material, baby!”

    Today I’m just happy to be Her Votary. And despite my Wiccan background, I can see six months will be very well spent in Her service. She truly is all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.

    Amma Isset.

  48. finaly i gott a meaning of my name m ises…..i hve been luking for dis book…..where can i find it in south africa………..send an ansa on ma face book page ises moloko or jst watsapp me at 0719513485

  49. Is it okay to read past Becoming a Votary of Isis in Isis Magic? I’ve read and re-read the book for six months, always stopping at that part because it feels like cheating to read further.

    Is it okay?

  50. Greetings Isidora! I was just wondering if you could direct me to some sources on the modern worship of Dionysos? I’ve heard tale that your in the works for a new book, but in the meantime I can’t seem to find many other resources for how people worship him modernly. I’ve just been operating off of instincts and inclinations. Any advice?

      1. Hotep Isidora,

        I know that you’re a busy person, but I had some questions about ritual gestures in the votary section, and I was wondering if it would be alright to send a brief email for some clarification? If you don’t have the time, I completely understand.

  51. Hi Isiadora!
    I’ve trying to find your books and I can’t find them… Please, Where I can buy your books in Spain? Or in other countries or languages too, please??

    1. Well…soon, I’m not sure. We’re starting to talk about it. I really hope so. It’s a good book that kinda slipped through the cracks when it was first published. But I will definitely keep you up to date!

      1. Hello 👋 😊 dear Isidora!
        I was so impressed when I found Your blog, I mean this page –, becouse I’m a devotee of Isis this Great Goddess of 10000 names.
        And this new edition of Your remarkable book.
        But, unfortunately, this book not delivered to Russia, my resident country. I don’t want to be intrusive, but may be You could help me somehow? I would be so-so beholden to You for help or just advice 🙏🌈😊❤️ And may You be Happy, Healthy and Well. Blessed be!

      2. Hello, Greg! You should be able to purchase Isis Magic on Abiegnus House with shipping to Russia now. I hope you enjoy it.

  52. Hello! I’m wanting to get the books in Canada but not for the prices that are being offered used. Any updates on republishing?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Dylan! Yes, the used prices are kinda crazy. You can get Isis Magic at the publisher:

      Offering to Isis will be republished (I think) next year. It will first be in a collector’s edition…but when those are sold out, the publisher will make a paperback version for the rest of us 😉

      I’ll keep folks up to date on my website here. May your path with the Goddess be blessed!

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