A votive Work in honor of the Goddess Isis

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Please note that all material on this blog is copyright M. Isidora Forrest. Excerpts from Isis Magic, first edition, are copyright 2001, and from Isis Magic, second edition, copyright 2013 by M. Isidora Forrest. Excerpts from Offering to Isis are copyright 2005, M. Isidora Forrest.

Yes, you absolutely may use this material for your personal work with Isis. Please do; that’s what it’s for. However, if you wish to use any of this material (other than by simply linking to it) on your own site—or in any other medium whatsoever—please contact me and ask. Please do not republish any of this material without due attribution and permission. Thank you very much and I appreciate your consideration and cooperation.

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  1. I absolutely love everything you post. It has helped bring me closer to my mother Isis. Thank you for all the cool information!

  2. I need to use the info about Egyptian wings and their uses in a school paper. This will not be published in anyway and I will give you all credit due for the information provided (in source citation and the bibliography). May I please have your permission? Thanks!

  3. Yes, you may. Please give correct attribution and you’re all set. This material may also be found in my book, Offering to Isis. Good luck!


    1. I feel the exact same way about exercise. Ugh! But I know it’s improtant. I need to find a good video to do (can’t do a gym right now) but it’s tricky because I definitely don’t need to lose weight – I just need to gain muscle. Anything high in cardio burns too many calories for me. So I just haven’t done anything. Sigh.

  4. Hello, I wanted to make a few Offering Cards, based on your suggestion in “Offering to Isis” but so far I’ve been unable to find if there should be specific colors for the hieroglyphs presented in the book.
    Would you happen to know where I could find accurately colored hieroglyphs? And if not, do you have any suggestion regarding the choice of colors?

  5. Dear Isidora: I am working with Dr. Siri Brown, chair of the African American Studies Department at Merritt College in Oakland, CA to create the first interactive Africana Studies Center in the US. We would like your permission to use an image from your site that is titled “Lamenting Osiris” in the Classical African Civilizations module. The interactive website will be located on a closed server in a new Africana Studioes Center room at Merritt College. We would be glad to attribute the image to you on the credits page for the project. If you have any questions or need more information my email address is My cel is 510 593-6945. Thanks you, Jed Riffe, interactive producer

  6. Do you have any information about her wanting to be referred now to as Golden Wings… you and yours blessings in love…light…truth

    1. Hi, Michelle! Is that something She asked you to call Her? I think it’s lovely. I don’t know anything historically; usually, Goddess wings are multi-colored. But the texts often say the skin of the Deities is made of gold. And gold is definitely magical and powerful. So I think it makes a beautiful personal epithet for Her.

  7. Hi beautiful Isidora…yes…that was what she asked me to call her…she says it signifies her ascension into a new position…thank you for answering…I was just wondering if you had heard anything on the same line…blessings

  8. Hello,

    I was wondering if it was okay to use your website for my presentation and paper on Isis? I will give you due credit in both of them in my bibliographies, and cite whatever I use and give credit to your website. The contemporary examples are particularly helpful.


  9. I had never heard of Isis mistress of magic, till this evening, I was relaxing in front of a log fire and thought I could hear very faint music, I did not have music playing or any electrical items switched on….I closed my eyes and then I had a vision of this what I can describe a Goddess flying toward me an then away from me, it was so vivid, all gold and black hair, with wings spread, am not sure if she was holding something or maybe it was a bow an arrow type object or a small harp, it was intense but then faded, then I immediately looked on the internet typing in my description and found a few Eqyption Goddesses, and could not believe it when I came across Isis, it was exactly like the Goddess in my vision.
    I am not into magic, as I am a believer in God our creator and have always thought there is only one God whom we should worship…but after this experience I am fascinated to find out more about Isis, really strange experience and I feel such peace and cant wait to do some more research and seek this Goddess …..Thx for your website maybe I should check out your books..

  10. I like your site , it is informative indeed.. Perchance could you direct me to “Academic sources” in regards to your “Isis, Horus, and the Holy Day of December 25th” article???
    I am in a debate with someone who demands “academic sources” about Horus’s birth , even thought I linked your fine article..
    I need additional sources i guess, if you could direct me to some online sources that would be very much welcomed…

    1. Hello! Actually, the ancient authors (such as Plutarch) I cite in the article are primary sources; that is, they were written in the period we’re talking about. That’s academic gold and such primary sources are the materials scholars prefer to work from. Plutarch clearly states that Horus’ birth was celebrated at the winter solstice…and the rest of the article explains why Dec 25 was the ‘traditional’ date for the winter solstice. So sorry you’re in a debate. No fun. But, of course, Jesus wasn’t born physically on Dec 25 either. The date is symbolic and perfect for both Deities…as well as a whole slew of other solar/solar-connected Deities.

    1. There may be some copies of the first edition in Spanish, but I’m afraid this new edition is just English. (We couldn’t afford to print both!) So sorry!

  11. okay… let’s try this again…

    Sopdet returns to my area on Aug 13. If Thoth placed the five extra days at the end of the year, Nuit gave birth on each of those five days. That means Isis’ birthday (this year) would fall on Aug. 11th… yes?

    Because I’m read in multiple sources that Her birthday is celebrated on July 17th and that makes no sense to me.

    I sure hope I didn’t miss Her birthday!

    1. It all depends on how you want to determine the end of year/new year. The ones that are celebrating on July 17 are using a standardized time (not sure when) and place (Egypt). I like to go by local time…if you do, too, the 11th works great!

  12. Hello, I am trying to find a few songs from L.V.X. Occulta that pertain to Isis. I used to have their website saved but now it seems to be gone. I have tried asking for where to purchase from their MySpace account but no answer. I would really really appreciate these songs. If anyone could help me I would be most appreciative.

    1. Hello! I’m trying to get in touch with the musician, but haven’t seen her in a while either. I’ll let you know if she gets in touch with me.

  13. Great job on the Celebrate The Goddess Telesummit! …and thanks for talking about your Shrine to Isis… I’m completely bamboozled on how to create my sacred altar (and it’s seriously cramping my offerings)… maybe I’ll just take a cue from you, set one up in the backyard and be like… hey, it’s just the girl next door with the Egyptian gazeebo!! Lol…. great job.

  14. I’d love to have a chat with you, I’m dying to know more about Isis, because a day ago I wouldn’t know who Isis was, but I think I might have dreamed about her; the similitudes are shocking.

  15. I have sent you a message requesting use of statue of Isis -Cleopatra, outside Cairo museum, but may be requested in wrong place. I would like permission to use this image in a book that highlights Isis and this image is most ideal. The subject will be of interest and I will attribute your name and site as an interest feature as well.
    Many thanks Carolynne

    1. Hi, Carolynne!

      I’m afraid that isn’t my photograph, so permission is not mine to give. I just found it on the internet…like everybody else.

      Best of luck with your project!

      Under Her Wings,

  16. Dear Ms Isidora

    This is a request. I am writing a book on Lotus (Lotus-the Cosmic Flower). which will go to a publisher in UK soon. I wish to give a couple of pictures of from your highly interesting blogs for inclusion in the Chapter on Egyptian lotus,. Can you spare me a photograph of the blue lotus and your painting of a lady collecting blue lotus or any other interesting picture relating to the Egyptian lotus.

    Kindly grant me permission and also send me some selected high quality photos for printing. Your help will be properly acknowledged.
    Thanking you and with warm regards. Kindly send me a reply soon as the draft is getting ready for the press.
    Dr PN Ravindran

    PS: After reading some of your blogs and articles I have developed a deep interest in the Isis cult.

  17. Your book seems to be very interesting, but I’d like to know more about practice being taught in it. You see, I cannot visualize anything; I am mentally blind and my situation is so bad that it cannot be improved. It’s called aphantasia. So my question is: does the book Isis Magic contain spiritual practice that could be done without visualization, so that even I could do that?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello! What a very interesting situation. There certainly are practices that you can do on a purely physical level—purifications, consecrations, etc. In fact, almost all of the practices in Isis Magic involve some sort of physical ritual activity. When we say “visualization,” it really means any kind of perception that you might get in a ritual/spiritual context. Some people visualize easily, seeing very detailed things in their mind’s eye. But many people have a problem with actually “seeing” in the mind’s eye. They might get intuitions about something or get a feeling; for instance, a purification ritual could (should, in fact) bring a feeling of peace and clarity. Thoughts might pop into your head. Some people even hear a voice or music or other sounds…again, not physical sounds striking the eardrum, but mental sounds…or perceptions that seem like sounds. In meditation, you don’t have to visualize the thing you’re meditating on, just think about it. There are many ways to perceive spiritually without having to “see” things in your imagination. How does it work for you?

      1. Hello! Thank you for a great reply! I am a total beginner in spiritual practice. I have read some books, but I have done very little practice. I have only tried LBRP and shikantaza-meditation for a while. Both of those exercises made me feel refreshed, but I stopped LBRP very soon, because the focus of the instructions was on the visualization. (I’ve never been able to visualize even a single dot.) But feeling refreshed; that’s what I get out of meditation and rituals.
        I’m wondering, if I could use printed pictures as a substitute for visualizations? Perhaps virtual reality goggles will be used as an aid for visualization in the future? 🙂
        Now I think that most of the spiritual practice is out of my reach at least in this life. However, I have been guided by a benevolent deity, who has helped me much. My life is a proof of that. I’m not sure yet, who this deity is, but I have started to think that she might be Isis. That’s why I’d like to give something back in return. I’d like to praise that deity every evening. I could do at least that.
        Sincerely Yours Johannes

  18. Dearest Isidora,
    I’m merely writing to say thank you. Thank you for your work and writing, and service to Isis. Your books have had a deep impact in my life and I want to thank you for the work you have completed to have them published. I have always had a fascination with Isis, and I guess Isis has always been in my life in one form or another. I actually purchased the first edition of Isis Magic back in 2001 when I was 17 but it was only recently (in the past few months actually) where I have felt the pull, call, and the readiness to serve Isis. I am fasitidiously going through the exercise in the second edition of the book and I have also introduced some of the practices from Offerings of Isis. These practices have deepened my connection with the Goddess but also had a positive impact in my life and my relationship.
    As an author I am not sure if you’re ever aware of the sort of impact your work has on people (I guess with anything you create it, and put it out in the world hoping for the best). However let me say that the impact of your work on my life has been immeasurable. For that I thank you! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

    Blessed be


  19. thank you for your lovely response Isidora!

    On another note, would you by any chance know of any communities, or groups (online or otherwise) of male votaries of the Goddess Isis. A lot of the information/communties/group have been able to locate, are focused on the female experience as priestess of Isis. This is great, however I was hoping to interact with other males who have had experiences with the Goddess.

    I’m not sure if you can assist with this, but either way – THANK YOU for all you do, with this blog, and your books!

    Much love

  20. I am reading Isis Magic, it is really amazing because I am understanding so many things that have happened to me over the last few months with the background information. It was just last year that I was thinking about faith, spirituality and God when I realized I don’t have to worship a male deity. I am free to worship anything. Then I felt a pull to Isis. I mean it was intense! It has been a very strange and wonderful experience.

    Always I have been interested in Egypt and the Gods. But this is something far beyond almost words to describe what is happening. It is coming to me that Isis is a living Goddess. Worshiping her is not the same as Christianity at ALL. I have never felt such love, peace and tranquility in my heart until I just opened up to Her. I finally feel I am on my Path, that I have a mission in this world and I am serving Her by fulfilling that mission.

    An example of the crazy stuff happening in my life – Recently I had some medical issues and I was crying and talking to her and she just told me flat out that I have to deal with this medical issue by going back to what started the whole problem to begin with. I can’t dance around it, I can’t ignore it. If I want to move forward spiritually and emotionally and physically I must go back and deal with the issues I have not faced. She is like a mother, both stern and loving.

    Another incident that is blowing my mind- we lost a friend to cancer. It was not surprising, he was sick but we weren’t ready to say goodbye either. I talked with Isis like you would a friend. I asked her to protect him. A few days later she comes to me out of the blue with a message- he is safe. He passed the tests. He is with family.

    I was like “what?!” I am like he’s not Egyptian, he isn’t one of your followers. She just said he is safe. Don’t morn him because that isn’t what he wants you to do.

    It was really intense. But I felt the truth. He was fine. I tell yeah all..either I am losing my mind or the Gods of Egypt are as real as the Earth, sun and moon!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for writing. I am so glad you found Her. Everything you’ve said definitely sounds like Her…including the tough love 😉 I have very often found that Isis will kick your ass—lovingly. May She continue to hold you in Her wings.

  21. Hello,

    This is Nithin here. I wanted to quote you regarding the Blood of Isis in a book I am working about menstruation. The quote would be attributed to you, article title and url would be mentioned.

    Pl let me know if I could quote you. In case you need any more clarification, pl email me.


  22. Hello: I would like to quote you in an herbal I am writing.
    “…Myrrh’s bitterness may easily be associated with Isis’ bitter task of searching for the scattered pieces of Her beloved husband’s body. In the magical papyri, myrrh is called the Guide of Isis for it was thought to assist Her in this sorrowful task… we can speculate that She may have burned it as incense—perhaps as part of a visionary rite—or made it into ink with which to inscribe amulets to aid Her search. A recipe for one such magical ink included myrrh, along with dried figs, date pits, and wormwood. The ritual instructions tell us that this ink was the one Isis used to record Her magical words as She fit together the members of Osiris. Myrrh was also sometimes called the Tears of Horus, perhaps in connection with His own mourning for His father.” 108
    108 Forrest, Isidora M., Isiopolis A votive Work in honor of the Goddess Isis, Isis & the Magic of Myrrh

    1. Hi, Ellen! I’d love to know more about your book. Publisher, and anything thing else you care to tell me so I can get some context. If what you quoted above is the quote you’d like to use, I would ask that you not leave out the words in the ellipsis, that is, please include: “While the papyri don’t say specifically how Isis employed Her “guide,” Oh, and I believe I answered your other question about the source of the quote, yes?

  23. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Your blog and your book have helped me find practical ways of working with Isis, as well as feeding my fascination and love for ancient Egypt!

  24. Hello, my name is Eugene. I am learning information about mother Isis. Sirius portal is open too right now. I just find out that Sirius is 14 degrees in Cancer. My ascendant sign in Cancer is 15 degrees. I had a mystical experience in December with mother Isis. Connecting the dots now. And getting wow moment. I would like to share it with you if you are interested. How can i contact you?

  25. Hello Isidora,

    Thank you for the magic of the literature you brought forth in your books. I have both Offerings to Isis and Isis Magic. I was lead to your work by Isis and have been guided to use your books as part of my own path with Goddess.

    I would like to contact regarding teaching/using one or more of the meditations from Isis Magic for my own group and perhaps using on my website (in a private – password protected place). Please let me know how you would like to be contacted for such permission.


  26. Dear Isidora,

    My Name Is Banuka And I Am Begging You To Help Me Get Your Book Isis Magic.
    I’m In Latvia And Abiegnus House Delivers To Estonia. Since Latvia, Estonia And Lithuania Are Often Considered One And The Same I Was Wondering If The Delivery To Latvia Is Possible.

    Please Help Me Priestess. I Beg You.

    1. Hello, Banuka,
      Yes, that should be possible. Let me see about getting that set up and I’ll be in touch when it’s ready! Many blessings, Isidora

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