A universe of stars, full of light and darkness

The Rite of Touching Your Star

Contemplate this image of the stars or remember how the night sky looked the last time you stargazed. Purify and consecrate yourself using the formulae of the House of Isis, or use any method that you usually use to prepare yourself for ritual.

Facing east, raise your arms in the Sign of the Wings of Isis.

Ritualist: Iset Sopdet, Daughter of the Stars, Queen of Souls, I have come to You that You may help me to find and to touch the light of my own Beautiful Star, my own Divine Light. Amma, Iset, let it be so.

Continuing to face east, be seated comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and slowly for several minutes. When you are ready, visualize the following:

Imagine that you stand before the great pylon gates of an ancient Egyptian temple of Isis. It is late evening. The sky is a luminous indigo color and the stars are beginning to show themselves. As you stand there, the doors of the temple swing open and you enter. It is quiet and no one else seems to be here, though someone has clearly lit the torches that illuminate the interior of the temple.

If you look to your right, you see that stone stairs have been carved into the wall of the temple and a torch burns near the first step. You approach the steps and begin to climb. If you look at the walls beside you, you will see many Egyptian five-pointed stars carved into the walls, with hieroglyphs in neat columns beside them.

Continue climbing and you will soon emerge on the roof of the temple. Here, it is completely dark. No torches illuminate this place—only the light of the millions and millions of stars that fill the night sky above you. Walk to the very center of the roof and you will find that someone has made a place for you. Soft rugs and cushions have been placed there for you. Take your seat there and make yourself comfortable.

Let one star catch your attention

The voice of the Goddess speaks in your mind and says, “Gaze at the beautiful belly of My Mother, Nuet. Squint your eyes slightly and scan the sky, to the right, to the left, above and behind you. Continue to scan the sky until one star catches your attention.”

Let this take as long as it takes. Continue to look at the sky until one star seems to jump out at you. When you have found this star, kiss your hand and extend it toward the star and speaking:

Ritualist: I greet You, O star of my soul. I welcome You. Come to me, come to me, O star of my self. Come to me that I may be joined to Your light.

And indeed, the Beautiful Star does come. It moves gently through the sky until it is just before and above you in the night.

As you watch, the star flashes and a beam of starlight extends from the star to touch the top of your head. You feel a tingling and a warmth there. You will now draw the light of your star into the shenu, or energy centers, of your body.

Breathe in and the starlight fills your mind. Take note of any image that arises as the starlight is in your head.

Breathe in and draw the starlight into the shen at your throat. Once more take note of any image or thought that comes to you.

Breathe in and bring the starlight into your heart. Knowing the importance the Egyptians placed on the heart as a center of the self, let the light linger there a bit longer.

Breathe in and bring the starlight into the shen at your genitals and note your feelings, thoughts, and any images.

Breathe in and let the starlight fill the area between your knees. Once more, make mental note of your experience.

Breathe in and bring the starlight all the way through your body, into the area just beneath your body.

Become aware of the channel of starlight that flows from the star above you and all the way through your body. Then open yourself even more. Breathe deeply once more and open yourself yet more. Breathe and feel the light of the star breathing with you, moving through and within your body.

Do this until you feel complete…at least for the time being. When you are ready, in vision, stand and thank your star by making the Sign of the Wings of Isis.

Ritualist: I thank You, O star of my soul. I thank You. May your light continue to guide me until I come to you again. In the name of my mother Isis, may it be so. Amma, Iset.

Watch as your star withdraws and returns to its normal place in the beautiful night belly of Nuet. Kiss your hand and extend it toward the star in thanks. When you are ready, walk back down the steps and out the temple doors.

Let your consciousness return to the here and now. Thank Isis in your own words. The rite is ended.

This meditative rite should be done many, many times over the course of your lifetime. Different things will happen at different points in your life and you will discover new things each time. The more you do it, the more you will weave the connection between yourself and your star, a connection that can serve as a guide in this world…and the next.

NASA says this is a nebula. It looks to me like the astral hand of the soul reaching for its star…