This isn’t an official post (since it’s only Monday and I’m a Saturday postin’ kinda girl.)

But I wanted to welcome and thank all of the new folks who are following Isiopolis. Makes me feel a bit less lonely out here in the blogosphere.

So I wanted to share with you a treat that couldn’t quite find a place in my last post; two beautiful images of Nuet, Isis’ mamma:

A gorgeous night-black Nuet, Goddess of the Sky and Isis’ mother, holding the Sun disk which She is about to swallow as She takes Re into the Night…

And a lovely recessed image of the Goddess from the inside lid of the coffin of Djedhor, 4th century BCE:

Egyptian sarcophaguses often had the image of Nuet on the inside top lid…so that the Goddess floated over the mummy and the deceased could see his or her goal: ascending into the star-filled body of the Goddess