Well, I got pretty excited there for a minute. A new Isis statue! In Hyde Park! Yippie!

Well, it turns out that the statue is called Isis, but it appears to be an Ibis, rather than an anthropomorphic image of the Goddess. Guess they should have called it, “Thoth.” Ah, well.

On the other hand, I learned two pretty cool things about this statue.

This is the "Isis" unveiled in Hyde Park, London.

First, it’s part of a fundraising effort to build an environmental education center in Hyde Park. Pretty sure Isis likes that.

And second, not long after unveiling the statue, it turns out that the chair of the Royal Parks Foundation (in charge of projects like the eco center) and his wife are excitedly expecting a third child. To quote the article, “Clearly, the goddess has worked her magic.”