Posted by: Isidora | June 14, 2010

A Little Pull

Weatherwise, it’s looking pretty good for SunFest. But if we could pull Sunday and Monday’s weather forward just a bit, it would be, well, perfect.

So here’s a meditation you could use, if you like…

Vizualize the SunFest site (if you’ve never been there, just imagine a green field, ringed by mountains). Awaken your Iset Ib, your Isis Heart (chant Her name into your own heart). Breathe in and visualize the sun rising over the site, bright and beautiful. Breathe in again and see it rising higher in the sky. In the name of Isis, Lady of Magic, Queen of the Cosmos, ask the SunFolk and the WindFolk to grant us perfect, sunny weather for our festival.

Do this as many times as you so desire. When you’re done, say, “Amma, Iset,” which means, “Grant it, Isis.”


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