We are now two weeks out from the start of SunFest, a Celebration of Isis the Radiant Goddess. There are hundreds of members of our Pagan community who are already registered…and we expect a big rush at the end (as usual). We are nothing if not procrastinators.

Last night I started my own personal preparations and thought you might like to join me.

I have been very focused on serving the Goddess outwardly—making offerings, guiding the ritual preparations, helping with the temple building, memorizing my ritual lines. Finally, it is time to seek the Iset Ib, the Isis Heart, the Isis Within.

We have a number of temple spaces in our home. The largest is a multi-purpose space and serves a wide variety of different groups. But in the library, I have a shrine dedicated solely to Isis. (We gave up a double closet space, removed the doors and created a recessed shrine for Her.) I have a pillow there so I can sit at Her feet and meditate or chant or just talk with Her.

I lit the candles, the incense. I breathed deeply and slowly. I worked the Lotus Wand of Isis with my personal variations. When Her energy was flowing through me, I made the following affirmation, repeating it over and over until I knew it was true:

I make of myself a willing channel for the Love and the Wisdom and the Magic and the Power of Isis.

She showed me some interesting things about heka, which I cannot quite articulate yet. I’ll be starting this evening’s rites shortly.