Posted by: Isidora | November 5, 2009

Send me Isis blog suggestions

Please send me your suggestions for Isis blogs to which I should link.



  1. I have worked through your book “Isis Magic” and of course I have had some very profound experiences as a result. I am hoping to be able to go to Egypt next year and sort of *culminate* this Isis initiation I have been experiencing over last few years.

    Truthfully I think it started way back when I first read Dion Fortunes books, but the last few years have been much more intense and tangible than the reading of those books even though I think that act alone was a initiation of sorts.

    What I would love to hear about more of your personal experiences as a priestess of Isis. As a solitary Isis devotee it is so helpful to hear about what others have experienced not as a comparison but as a sense of community:)

    Rebecca Wright

  2. Ah, I have yet to make it to Egypt. But it’s in The Great Travel Plan…

    Dion Fortune is one of my favorite Isiacs. Her books were—just as she wished—an initiation just reading them.

    I would love to hear about YOUR personal experiences, too. (I’m a little shy.) Concerned that my mere words cannot convey the technicolor-multi-sensual experiences that She initiates. Poetry seems to express it best…look to the Invocation Offerings in Offering to Isis for my most ecstatic clues.

    How about you?

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