There is an old saying in the western esoteric initiatory tradition:  “I desire to know in order that I may serve.” By learning, by improving our own knowledge base and experience base, we can serve better.

In the ancient mysteries, it was expected that the priestesses and priests would have special knowledge and understanding—knowledge and understanding that they would share with initiates. It was, in part, for knowledge that one went through the Mysteries.

As a priestess or priest of Isis, you will likely be in a position to influence others. If you are teaching, you will need to know something in order to be able to teach it. As your students learn, you will necessarily learn as well—so that you may continue to have something new to teach them.

If you don’t keep on learning, you will become a dry vessel—for any students you many have and for yourself. To keep your intellectual and spiritual juices flowing, keep learning.