Posted by: Isidora | July 24, 2009

It has been many days since my last confession…

Ah, my intentions were so good. I had vowed to blog at least weekly…but I see that I have blown that and gone several weeks without a peep. Luckily, Isis is a forgiving Goddess.

In fact, it’s one of the most important things She’s known for. Isis—the One Who Listens—is often called upon to “loose what is knotted.” As one of the suffering Deities, we can know that Isis understands the trials we human beings undergo. Along with Her well known compassion and healing powers, Isis’ ability to help us out of our “knotty” situations is one of the reasons She gained the Greek epithet Sotera (Savior). An inscription from Philae calls Her “the strong savior” Who “rescues everyone whom She wishes.” In The Golden Ass, Apuleius’ character calls Her “the holy and eternal savior of the human race.” Isidorus, author of the hymns written for Isis’ Faiyum temple, calls Her “Immortal Savior.”

Savior is not a title reserved for the Christian Deity. Isis, Her consort Sarapis and a host of other Goddesses and Gods were also called Savior. It was meant in both a literal sense—saving devotees from some problem or other—and in a spiritual sense. The initiates of Isis’ Mysteries were even considered to be “born again.” 

All this is just to say that I have faith Isis will forgive my missteps. She knows what’s going on with me. And with you, too.



  1. Of course She forgives you 🙂

    Don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂

    “She who listens” is one of my favorite names for Her.

    I hope that Isis/Auset blesses whatever
    is going on with you so that all turns out well 🙂

    Ok, talk to you later Great Priestess of Isis 🙂

    Under Her Beautiful Wings,

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