Posted by: Isidora | July 2, 2009

What would it be like if….

What would it be like if we had the opportunity to live our spirituality every minute of every day? If we woke up and offered morning prayers to our Holy Ones, ate our meals in Their Presence, served in Their temples during the day, and enacted Their Mysteries at night?

As modern NeoPagans, few of us have the opportunity to be so all-consumingly involved with our Deities. The great temples of our spiritual ancestors are no longer open for service and worship; instead we gather in each other’s homes. We have no paid priest and priestesshood; our priestesses and priests are volunteers and must make their own living. And, of course, we all have to deal with the day-to-day issues of life, from job responsibilities to child care to making sure our taxes are paid.

As much as I wish it were different, I can get so distracted or stressed out that I can sometimes go days without taking the time to just BE with my Goddess Isis. And I bet I’m not alone.

That’s one of the reasons our Festivals are so important. A Festival is a period of time that we can set aside to get away from the day-to-day, to intensely live our spirituality, and, of course, to enjoy being, laughing, dancing, and drumming with our Community.

SunFest 2010 will be just such a chance for those of us who love Isis—as well as for those who would like to come to know Her. SunFest 2010 will be a long-weekend opportunity to live our NeoPagan spirituality—this time, under the wings of Isis. 

We will awaken Her sacred image in the morning with offerings, as was done in ancient Egypt. We will hear Her stories from talented storytellers throughout the day. We may meditate in Her temple, make offering, or dance for Her. We will learn about Isis as a Sun Goddess and participate in a Mystery Rite as we bring the Light of the Goddess to the Underworld. Some of us will dream with Isis in sacred incubation in Her Temple….and oh yes, She will have a temple.

I’ll be writing more about this as we go on. What would you like to see?



  1. hi Isisdora! 🙂

    i love your books.

    i left u an email about 5 days ago
    via the email address on hermeticfellowship.

    i desire to become a Priest of Isis.

    i just don’t know where to begin.

    i practice the rituals in your books:
    Isis Magic & Offerings to Isis.

    i would like to find a group
    that emphasizes the methods
    described in your books.

    pleeeeze email me when u have some free time.

    thank you so much 🙂


  2. sorry for mispelling your name.

    kind of a freudian slip, don’t cha think 🙂

    apologies also for posting this on your blog.

  3. thanks for your great emails Isidora 🙂

    if my life stabilizes
    by the time SunFest happens,
    i will try to make it there.

    i did the “Opening of the Ways”
    like 3 times the other day.

    i usually do it twice daily.

    i’ve noticed that if i do it
    more than 2 times a day,
    i get Isiac dreams at night.

    i like that a lot 🙂

    okely dokely,
    c ya later alligator 😉

  4. Dearest,

    I can only say thank you!

    Blessings forever,

  5. I love discovering that there are others who believe as i do, who feel the way that i do! It also makes me think of the old saw, “singing to the choir”. Yes, please. As singers love to listen to songs, too!
    Thank you for discovering your blog niche!

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