Osiris rising, protected by the wings of Isis
Osiris rising, protected by the wings of Isis

We human beings are always looking for a second chance, a new beginning, a do-over. And most of the time, we can have one. But usually, even when we get one, things have to change for the magic to really work. While a new moon or a new year offers the opportunity for change, we have to put in the effort to make the change happen and we must persist to ensure it continues happening.

I participated in just such a new beginning last night, and I have another, related event tonight. So today’s post will be short on text. Instead, I’d like to share with you some images of resurrection, mostly but not all, of Osiris. For His resurrection teaches that important lesson about change. When Isis resurrects Him, everything doesn’t just go back to the way it was. Instead, Osiris is now alive in the underworld, becoming part of the cycle of birth-death-rebirth that is so vital for the renewal of all things.

Isis with Horus in hawk form preparing to raise Osiris
The Resurrection of Osiris by Alexander Tyne. You can see his art here. This is Isis in Her “O Zephyr Winds…” phase 🙂
An image of the dead Osiris from Denderah; I love the growth of roots beneath Him. You can’t see this here, but Isis and Nephthys are at His head and feet preparing to work Their magic on Him. He is shown here within the tree from which He will be reborn.
Another image where the corpse of Osiris is shown sprouting new life, encouraged by the light of the sun. From the coffin of Nespawershefit. 21st dynasty. This shows one of the great Egyptian Mysteries: the joining of Osiris and Re and the renewal that joining brings to both of Them.
Often, the in-the-process-of-being-resurrected Osiris is shown as His djed pillar. Here He is between the magical wings of Isis and Nephthys; also from a coffin, but I couldn’t find the precise source.
The same Mystery more clearly shown: Osiris as Djed and Re as Solar Disk are joined by the Ankh of Life.
Here Isis and Nephthys raise a very curved Osiris with the solar disk touched by His limbs.
Within the body of curved Osiris, we now see the child Horus Who will be birthed by Isis, a fertility-connected kind of resurrection.
This drawing is from one of the images at Denderah pertaining to the resurrection of Osiris. Note the position of His right hand. This drawing is from the 1800s and the copyist didn’t want to depict the penis that was in His hand. His fertility was being raised, too, like a…well, like a djed pillar we could say.
Lots of people get that raised phallus-resurrection connection. The Christos as Man of Sorrows by Andrea Mantegna, about 1500 CE.
Not blatant at ALL in this engraving by Ludwig Krug…
…or this one by Lucas Cranach.
Before Osiris could rise, He had to roll over on His stomach as you see in this beautiful statue. I am so please that I got to see this statue in person in a traveling exhibition.
But Osiris is my Resurrection Guy, as in this beautiful statue.
Before Osiris could rise, He had to roll over on His stomach and raise His head. To me, this reinforces our lesson about do-overs. We must make an effort. Once the Two Sisters had worked Their magic, Osiris still had to raise His own head to complete the magic.
Here's a close up of His serene and beautiful face.
Here’s a close up of His serene and beautiful face. The expressions on the face of many images of Osiris remind me of the serenity of some images of the Buddha. This is one of those.

And so I wish you strength, persistence, and the holy magic of Isis, Nephthys, and all your own Divine Ones to assist you as you work your own magic of change, new beginnings, and all the do-overs you may need. I know I need them.