The Star of Isis is directly overhead at the New Year. “Open up your head” and let the Goddess light fill you.

Every year at about this time, I like to remind myself of a little miracle that happens and which relates to Our Lady. I’m posting earlier than my usual Sunday because this little miracle happens tonight at midnight.

As many of you may know, the ancient Egyptian New Year began in summer and marked the beginning of the fertilizing Nile Inundation. When people saw Sirius, the Star of Isis-Sothis, rise in the pre-dawn sky, they knew the Inundation was coming and the New Year had begun.

Now, here in Portland, winter is most certainly part of our own inundating rainy season, but it is hardly in tune with the ancient Egyptian summer New Year. Yet for devotees of Isis, there is a New Year’s treat to be had.

If your sky is less cloudy than mine is likely to be, here’s how to see Her

You see, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, Sirius reaches its highest point in the night sky at this time of year. The beautiful, glittering star of Isis reaches midheaven, directly above us, at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and can be seen shimmering in that position for about the first week of January. Just as the heliacal rising of Sirius heralded the ancient Egyptian New Year, so the midheaven arrival of Sirius can serve as a marker for our modern New Year’s celebration.

Isis Magic offers a New Year’s ritual in which you receive guidance for the coming year in the form of oracles from Isis and Nephthys. You can see a lovely ritual video inspired by that rite from Emily Ra here.

But in this post, I’d like to share with you a modification of the “Lotus Wand of Isis” rite, designed to help you take advantage of the presence of the Star of Isis directly overhead.

In Formula 467 of the Coffin Texts, one of the ways the deceased prepares to meet the Deities and beings of the otherworld is that they have, “come into you, having opened up my head and aroused my body…” We, too, can open up our heads and arouse our bodies for Isis so that—at this special time of year, a time of new beginnings—we may come unto Isis to receive Her magic, wisdom, power, and love, which is borne on the wings of Her starlight. At the New Year, the light of the Goddess is nothing less than a star to guide us.

In the standard Lotus Wand of Isis, we would work the energy from the top down through the energy centers in and around the central core of our bodies. In this case, opening our heads to the light of Isis is the culmination. So, we’ll work from the bottom up so that we first “arouse our bodies” and then “open up our heads” to the beautiful light of the Goddess.

The Lotus Wand of Isis for the New Year

Enter the temple, face east, and give the Sign of the Wings Of Isis. Then repeat the following statement until you are certain that it is so.

Ritualist: I am a Child of Isis. I am a Beloved of the Goddess.

Purification & Consecration

Purify and consecrate the temple using the general House of Isis method (or any method that works for you). When complete, return to the center of the temple and face east. Give the Sign of the Wings of Isis (lift up your arms as if you had wings).

Ritualist: Isis is all things and all things are Isis.

I Arouse My Body

Let your attention center in the shen (Egyptian for “circle”; an energy center in/around the body, similar to a chakra) beneath your feet. Be aware of the energy of Isis of the Earth beneath you. With a breath, draw in that energy into the shen beneath your feet

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS. (Or, for Egyptian: ISET SOPDET).

As Her energy fills the shen, feel the Life of Isis that is the life in all things. Experience this, then with another breath, draw energy up from the shen beneath your feet to the shen between your knees.

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET.

As the energy flows into this shen, it, too, fills with the light of the Goddess. When you have experienced this, take another breath and draw energy from the knee shen to the shen at your genitals.

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET.

As the energy enters this shen, it too fills with Her strength and beauty. Let yourself feel this then, with another breath, energy is drawn from the genitals into the shen at your heart.

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET

As the energy flows into your heart, it fills, vibrating with life. Feel and see it shining, upheld by the energy of Isis. Experience this then, with another breath, draw energy from your heart into the shen at your throat.

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET.

As the energy flows into this shen, it glows with the beauty of Isis. Feel Her Words of Power in your throat, on your lips, then, with another breath, draw energy from your throat to the shen at your third eye, or forehead. Be sure to visualize this shen in the center of your brain.

Ritualist: (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET.

I Open Up My Head

Let your attention be on your mind centered within your brain within your head. Release any tightness in your head, in your brain or in your mind. Feel your brain and scalp opening, relaxing. Let your mind expand.

Ritualist: O Iset Sopdet, Isis Sothis, Beautiful Herald of the New Year, I invoke You and ask You to help me be open to You. As I have aroused my body for You, help me open up my head that I may receive Your light and magic and power and wisdom and love. (Vibrating) ISIS SOTHIS/ISET SOPDET.

Let the energy of your prayer move from the third eye to the shen above your head. Open that shen as wide as you possibly can. Pull up the energy from the earth, all the way to your head and fling your head open wide to Isis, only Isis. 

Filling with Her Light

Visualize the star of Isis above your head. See Her light, shining and sparkling, as you breathe and fill the shen above your head with Her beautiful light. Fill that shen until you can fill no more. When you are completely full, draw in breath and visualize starlight flowing down into your head, your third eye, your throat, and to your heart. Exhale and send the light to your genitals, knees, and the shen beneath your feet. Let the light pool beneath you. Then draw in breath and feel the light spiraling around the outside of your aura, protecting and strengthening. Let it spiral into the shen above your head. Exhale and let the light flow out to the star of Isis and into the heavens. 

Repeat this circulation at least twice more.


You may sit in meditation for a time. When you are ready, move to the east and make the Sign of the Wings of Isis to close the temple.

Ritualist: Lady of the Guiding Star, Queen of the New Year, be You blessed and may Your diamond starlight always fill me. Amma, Iset.

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