Love Her beautiful feet in this pic!

Mid-week mini-post!

I so enjoyed talking with Bridget Engels of the Oracle of Luna podcast about (I’m sure you are all so very, very surprised) Our Lady Isis. The podcast is available now, if you’d like to have a listen and join our chat.

Bridget comments, “Here we explore this most worshiped and ancient of Egyptian Goddesses. We discuss Isis’ history and Her many aspects that have kept Her relevant for centuries and well into the future. As an all encompassing cosmic Goddess, Isis has many divine and human aspects worthy of connecting and developing a sacred devotional relationship with. Isidora has been a devotee to the Goddess Isis for over 25 years. Her phenomenal book will open the doors of your mind and spirit to discover and become enlightened yourself to Isis’ immense power and wisdom!”

You can find the Oracle of Luna on Spotify and on Apple podcasts.