Oh my! The Fall Equinox Festival of Offering to Isis was grand. The Weather Gods favored us. And then last weekend we had our annual Grape Stomp here at our home. The wine is fermenting in the kitchen right now and my head is still spinning a bit.

I wanted to share with you some photos from the Festival so you can see how beautiful everything was. I’ll be back to writing some more regular posts next time, but for now…here are some photos.

This one is the “Goddess’ Eye View.” The flat surface you see in the center is where my sacred image of the Goddess was placed…and this beautiful scene is what She looked out at.
This shows the front view of the Great Altar with Goddess in Her spot and offerings in the foreground. No, there’s no photoshop on the glowing eyes, that’s natural sunlight. By the way, the obelisks and Great Altar were originally made for an Isis Fest about 10 years ago. So happy that they were able to be re-used in such a wonderful way for this Festival.
The Waters of the Nun became a floating flower pond (yes, that’s papyrus in the center) when people made their offerings.
The Goddess as She appeared for the Offering of the Night. Just as we were looking into the night sky, a shooting star blessed us by its passing. There was an audible “ohhhh” from the participants. We were honoring Isis-Sothis at this Offering Rite, so…of course there was a shooting star.
And just a final shot of the Temple in the Woods at Ffynnon. You could have a festival there, too!

Photographic credits to Marlen Conrad and Ffynnon for the beautiful photos in this post. I was so busy that I failed to get images…but my lovely friends did not! Much love to all of you!

For the basis of our rites, we used adaptations from my Offering to Isis book. We even had natron for purification so that we were all “pure with the purity of Isis.”

I do have good news on the Offering to Isis book front…it is being republished next year! The publisher is Azoth Press. They do collectors’ editions first, then paperbacks at prices for the rest of us. I’ll keep you up to date on what the schedule looks like.

I must say, I have had an extraordinary Fall EQ this year. Community EQ was amazing. Our Grape Stomp with friends old and new was amazing. I am SO fortunate. Goddess, I do LOVE you all.