In these days of “self-isolating,” are you perhaps feeling a bit disconnected; not only from others, but from Her?

The Lotus Temple. In March…weird.

It’s pretty weird out there right now, folks. For one thing, I’m in Portland Oregon and it’s snowing. In mid-March. Politics? Don’t get me started. Oh, and then there’s the fact that every grocery store in town is out of just about everything because people are preparing to be “self-isolating” at home for a good long while. Of course, it’s not that we shouldn’t be taking this pandemic seriously. We should. And we are.

But all the crazy out there can make us feel a little, well, crazy. Which is not very conducive to experiencing our connection with Isis. It might even make us panic. Is She still there? Was She ever there? Am I “losing my faith”? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with Her?

If you’ve been missing Isis (or perhaps She’s been missing you?) there are things you can do about it. Without adding to your crazy.

First, give yourself a break. Have you been trying too hard, pushing too much? While having a daily practice is wonderful, if you’re doing the same thing every day, that once-lovely little ritual can become routine, even boring. Consider taking a break. If you do a daily rite, cut back to once a week. Or try a different ritual. It could be that a rite that hadn’t caught your attention before would be just right now.

This amazing Isis is by Yliade. Prints available for sale here.

On the other hand (hey, these aren’t one-size-fits-all suggestions), a boring ritual might be just what you need. If you haven’t been doing ritual, pick one and do it. At least once a week. Pour a libation. Offer flowers. Perform the “Lotus Wand of Isis” or the “Opening of the Ways” (both in Isis Magic). Oh, and don’t expect any spiritual fireworks. You might get them. Or you might not. Either way, it’s okay.

Take a trip down memory lane. Think back on what first got you excited about Isis. What was that like for you? Reminisce. Perhaps there was a particular book that inspired you? Re-read it. Was there an experience you could recreate?

Give yourself a magical task. You can define this any way you wish. You might try something like this: every time you pass through a doorway/see a hawk/wake up in the morning, say to yourself, “Isis is all things, and all things are Isis” or “I open myself to Isis” or whatever seems right to you. By thinking of Her and speaking Her name, you will reweave your connection with Her.

And this powerful Isis is by sanio. See the art here. You can buy a copy of it, too.

Don’t feel guilty about it. This happens to every person who has ever been on a spiritual journey. If it has never happened to you before, you’ve beaten the odds. But it has now, and chances are, it will happen again. And that’s okay, too. That’s why we have to be kind to ourselves during these times of spiritual emptiness. We haven’t failed because we have doubts or have fallen away from awareness or practice. We’re just a normal human person and this is just part of the path. And She will be waiting there for us when we’re ready.

Nevertheless, persist. Always take the next step on that path. Sometimes a spiritual project is a great way to reconnect with Isis. If you’re solitary, you might create an artwork for Her/of Her. Write an invocation. Choreograph a dance. Cook an Isis feast and invite Pagan friendlies to join you in eating it and honoring Her. Are you a ritualist? Create a new rite for Her. If you’re fortunate enough to have a community, gather some fellow Isiacs and come up with something together.

Pick any one of these things to try. You’ll see. Oh. And now the sun’s out here in Portland. The snow is melting. And spring is coming.