Coming in June

Hello, all! I am very happy to let you know that I have an article in the upcoming book, The Light Extended, A Journal of the Golden Dawn. It will be out sometime in June. In addition to my article, you’ll also find work from Chic & Tabatha Cicero, Adam Forrest, Tony Fuller, Darcy Kuntz, Samuel Scarborough, Frater YSHY, Jayne Gibson, Alex Sumner, Soror DPF, Frater D, and Frater Yechidah. Such Adept company!

I’m so pleased that this article is being published because it’s been a long time coming. I wrote it a number of years ago for a different book that didn’t happen. For this one, the article has been updated and edited. I hope you’ll like it. It’s titled “I Have Put On the Cloak of the Great Lady; I Am the Great Lady”: The Assumption of Godforms and the Key to Egyptian Magic. Here’s a bit from the introduction:

I am in the retinue of Hathor, the most august of the Gods, and She gives me power over my foes who are in the Island of Fire. I have put on the cloak of the Great Lady, and I am the Great Lady. I am not inert, I am not destroyed, and nothing evil will come to pass against me. I am the Great One Who Came Forth From Re, I was conceived and borne by Shesmetet, and I have come that I may weave the dress for my mistress. The dress is woven by Horus and Thoth and by Osiris and Atum; and indeed I am Horus and Thoth, I am Osiris and Atum.

Formula 485, the Coffin Texts

A series of Coffin Texts dealing with the weaving and wearing of the cloak of Hathor is among the clearest examples in Egyptian magic of what is most-often known today as the Assumption of Godforms. As in the example above, the deceased puts on the cloak of Hathor and becomes Hathor. He is both the weaver and the wearer of the magical covering of the Goddess—Her “cloak,” “dress,” or astral form.

Art seems to capture the Assumption of God/dessforms best; this is The Lotus Soul by Frantisek Kupka, 1898. This is what the energy feels like to me.

The Assumption of God/dessforms may well be the most powerful magical technique human beings have available—in this or the afterlife. It was one of the vital keys to ancient Egyptian magic and it can still be a key to the working of powerful, sacred magic today. 

We will look at how the ancient Egyptians may have developed this important technique, how they used it, and how it passed into the Western Esoteric Tradition. We will see how and why the technique was largely lost to us until being re-discovered and reconnected with its Egyptian roots by the magicians of the Golden Dawn at the end of the 19th century. Then, readers who would like to try this ancient technique for themselves are invited to use the brief ritual at the end of this article. It combines classical Egyptian and Hermetic theurgic formulae to assist you in Assuming the Godform of Amun, a Deity Who may be considered the God of God/dessforms.

I’ll let you know when it’s available!