Hello, all!

I am pleased to let you know that one of my Isis articles in included in a new anthology entitled Goddess 2.0, edited by Karen Tate. And wow, am I in some good company, indeed. Here’s the list of contributing authors:

Anne Baring, Starhawk, Carol P. Christ, Riane Eisler, Barbara G. Walker, Cristina Biaggi, Elizabeth and Robert Fisher, Shirley Ann Ranck, Bob Gratrix, Patricia ‘Iolana, Nancy Vedder-Shults, M. Isidora Forrest, Karen Tate, Amy “Amalya” Peck, Linda Iles, Andrew Gurevich, Charlotte L. Cressey, Delphine DeMore, Tabby Biddle, Trista Hendren, and Harita Meenee.

I am humbled that my work will appear alongside the work of these outstanding women and men.

The collected essays in Goddess 2.0 are intended to show us a way forward from where we find ourselves now, guided by the Divine Feminine by whatever name you know Her. In my case, of course—and perhaps yours, too—She is Isis, and my essay is about “Isis and the Path of Sacred Magic.”

Yes, you can get it on Amazon. You can also get it at editor Karen Tate’s site…actually for less than on Amazon. (By the way, none of the contributors are making any money. Costs mainly go to cover publication.) Here’s what the cover looks like:


I invite you to check it out in the hope that it will offer some end-of-the-year inspiration. Many blessings and may you remain, Under Her Wings.