An Egyptian couple

Today—I don’t know why, really—I’m prompted to share with you a little love ritual that I created at the request of an acquaintance. She wanted to find her true love and asked me to help. I’m going to reproduce the note I sent her in answer to her request (keeping her name private, of course) because I think it provides a little context:

Dear <name>,

I will pass on to you what Isis made known to me when I meditated with Her about the ritual you and I discussed…

First, I had the image of you strongly shaking your hands out in front of you three times, toward the ground, straight in front of you, and skyward—as if ridding yourself of something. Then I saw you burning things as part of this purification; things very close to you, like a strand of hair or a fingernail clipping.

So, here is what you might do as the first part of your ritual: 

Think of three things that you believe may be keeping you from finding your true Beloved. They may be hurts from old loves that have put up walls around you. They may be personality traits that are not working best for you now. They may even be your own desire to find a partner (we all know the old saw about love coming when you least expect it).

Ruth Saint Denis, a pioneer of modern dance, began to investigate Asian dance after seeing an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis in a cigarette advertisement. The Goddess inspires everywhere.
Ruth Saint Denis, a pioneer of modern dance, began to investigate Asian dance after seeing an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis in a cigarette advertisement. Apparently, the Goddess inspires love everywhere.

Calling upon Isis the Lover (Iset Meret), meditate to discover what these three things are. Go deep. You may discover they are not what you think…or have thought…in the past.

Then meditate upon each one of these things separately. You might want to do this on three different days so you don’t wear yourself out. Isis may give you a hint as to how you may dissolve or transmute these things in your life. But don’t worry if She doesn’t. That’s what the ritual’s for.

Once you have meditated on each thing, select something very close to you, even of your own body, to represent each thing: a strand of hair, a nail clipping, a tear…an old photograph.

Before Isis, name each thing out loud and burn the item that represents it. (A censer with the charcoal you use to burn incense works well.) As each item burns, try your best to consciously let go of that thing. Ask Isis to help you.

If you like, you might follow this with a ritual bath of purification.

Now, the next part of the rite…

Go to the Spring ritual in Isis Magic (Handmaiden chapter), to the sections called Opening the Ways to Spring and The Isis Goes Forth. In your own words, adapt this to be an “Opening of the Ways to Love.”

For instance, in the book, it says: “Let the shrine of the East be opened unto Spring. (Vibrating) ISET NEF. Let the winds of Spring arise!”

You might change that to:

Let the shrine of the East be opened unto Love. (Vibrating) ISET MERET. Let the winds of Love arise!

(In the south) Let the warmth of Love return!

(In the west) Let the flow of Love nourish!

(In the north) Let the reality of Love come!

(Above you) Let the Soul of Love find me!

(Below you) Let Love for me arise!

(At you heart) Let my heart be open to Love!

For the next part, “launch” your desire through each of the doorways, as described in the ritual.

When complete, do not “Close the Ways” as you normally would in this ritual. Instead, when finished, try to forget about all this and just go about your life.


Gathering lotuses for the Goddess
Gathering lotuses for…a love potion, perhaps?

Oh, one more thing…a love potion:

If you like potion-type work, you might consider a perfume. Choose something you like, perhaps a rose or lotus scent combined with musk.

Once you have procured your scent, place it in a shrine or on your altar for one full cycle of the moon. Once a week, chant your intention into the perfume. Something like “Open my heart to love, draw love to me” would be appropriate.

When the moon cycle is complete, simply wear your perfume anytime you like, especially in social situations where you might meet someone.

So, dear <name>, I hope this helps you. I know you will find the right one for you. I personally believe in love at first sight…and have been blessed in this life to have experienced it. My husband and I met in a college theatre club. He liked my eyes, I liked his voice. We have now been married for 21 years. So, it can and does happen. All the time.

Many blessings,