Winter+Solstice+with+MoonPlease join me for a New Moon Meditation on GoddessAliveRadio this evening at 8pm eastern, 5 pm pacific. Here’s what we’ll be meditating on…

On this night of deepest darkness, we invoke Iset-Sopdet, Isis-Sothis, Isis the Lady of the Beautiful and Brilliant Star of the Goddess, Sirius. We open our hearts to Her blessing. Oh yes, we make bare our hearts before Isis the Goddess. We illuminate our hearts in Her diamond starlight. And on this dark and deep and star-filled night of new moon in Leo, She imparts to us some of Her strength and Her power and Her courage.

I’ll be talking with your hosts, Kimberly Moore and Tracey Paradiso, about Isis, of course…and who knows what else we’ll get into.

Here’s how you can tune in: Check out the promo here at the MotherHouse (love that; like the MotherShip).

And you can listen live at this link.

Or dial in from your phone: (347) 945-5979. I believe they take questions. Whether or not I’ll be able to answer them is another thing entirely.

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Rising of Sirius Calculator UPDATE

A number of people have been looking for the Sirius Rising calculator…and it has been located by the wonderful Tatiana. Here are her instructions:

You need to go to Client Area
and then, enter your email and password softtests.

That last bit—softtests—is the password 😉

May your celebration of the Rising of Sothis be brilliantly beautiful!