Posted by: Isidora | June 24, 2014

Thank you, Pagan Federation

I generally do not post anything political on this blog. But I must admit that my stomach has been churning with each newscast I listen to because it is inevitable that I will hear the name of my Goddess used as the name of a terrorist group.

So I applaud the action taken by the UK’s Pagan Federation to ask news outlets to spell out the initials of the I-S-I-S or I-S-I-L rather than saying “Isis.” In fact, I had been thinking of doing something similar. So thank you, Pagan Federation.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting much traction; the Huffington Post apparently thought it was kinda cute that “Pagans are really annoyed…”

Naturally, I did ask Her about it.

She figures She can outlast it.

And, of course, She can.

A modern Isis by Meghan Hetrick from the Classic Mythology series.

A modern Isis by Meghan Hetrick from the Classic Mythology series.

I missed this past weekend’s post as I was out celebrating the Solstice. I hope yours was bright and beautiful. Next weekend, back to more interesting subjects, I promise.




  1. Goddess Isis has nothing at all to worry about (as if Godess of 10,000 Names “worries”). This I-S-I-S is a momentary blip on the historical radar and will be forgotten in mere moments. However I do applaud the Pagan Federation’s efforts on general principle.

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