Posted by: Isidora | September 5, 2011

Do you remember your first time?

Do you remember the first time Isis made Herself—important—in your life? It’s been so long for me that I almost don’t. Almost, but not quite…

Isis accepted me as Her priestess more than 20 years ago. But even before that, I’d been dancing with Her for a while, though without commitment. I would often find myself reading about Her, looking at images of Her, wondering about Her. And the crazy thing was that I was actually looking for a Divine relationship; I was looking for “my” Goddess. But in my young rebelliousness, I thought a more obscure Goddess would be more appropriate for the uniqueness (okay, weirdness) of me. Isis, I thought, was way too ordinary; everybody knows Isis. At least the more mysterious Dark Sister Nephthys should be myGoddess. I must have closed the door in Isis’ face half a dozen different times. (I know; you’re cringing. So am I.)

Isis Fortuna will often throw you a curve ball. Go ahead, take a swing at it. This image of the Goddess is now in the Louvre in Paris.

But that’s why She’s a Goddess and I’m just human. This rejection did not put Her off at all. She simply kept coming back and tapping on my shoulder (please see my post on Isis the Ass-Kicker). No suspense in this story, eventually She wore me down and I began preparing to dedicate myself as Her priestess.

I did my research. I wrote my ritual. I made my absentions. On the appointed day, I began the rite. But about halfway through, I began to feel very faint. (In those days, this often happened to me in the presence of magical energy; I’d go very pale and start to pass out. Many is the time when my fellow ritualists had to stop and prop me up for a while.) Nonetheless, I determined to finish the ritual and did so while sitting on the floor in front of the altar. Well, part of the rite involved asking the Goddess to accept me as priestess. The answer was, “no.” But the elaborated answer was, “go study and come back in a year.”

And that’s exactly what I did. About a year later I reworked the same ritual, didn’t faint, and received Her acceptance. Not long after that, I got a strange and wonderful confirmation of Her acceptance, too. A woman I barely knew came to me on a mission from the Goddess. She’d had a dream of Isis that was so strong that she simply had to act on it. In the dream, Isis told her to come to me and give me a gift of earrings in the form of the Goddess. She did—and I knew that Isis had truly claimed me.

The path of the priestess or priest of Isis isn’t always what you expect. In fact, when things take a turn I didn’t expect, I usually consider it a sign that I’m in contact with true Divine energy. If things go just as I thought, it can mean that I’m merely fulfilling my own expectations. While that’s not always true, it is something to be aware of, a warning that you may be talking to yourself rather than talking to Isis.



  1. I remember the first time Isis came to me. I was having a spritual conflict trying to find were I fit. I was meditating asking were I belong and Isis came to me wrapped me in Her wings and called me Mari. I have fallowed Her and doing Her work scince.

  2. When I was 17 years old I found an image of Isis in a book which spoke about symbols. This image with the Godess and Her beautiful wings touched me and it was like if Iwas falling in love for a girl.
    I didn’t practice any rituals until today but I was still thinking to Her. And one day when I find on the web a book called “Isis Magic” written by Isidora Forrest ! How I was happy to have access to a book with magic written for Isis only ! I buyes it quickly and now I can consecrate time to pray or practice magic for Her.

  3. I remember the first time Isis came to me…She was a thought. I had recently decided I was a Goddess woman and asked the Goddess to give me a sign. It was 1976 and I was driving along Mulholland Drive and, at a certain bend where I’d seen interesting graffitti before, the words “The Priestess of Isis remembers the Goddess is Everywhere” came to me. I knew this was my sign but had no idea what it meant. So I set about learning…and here I am still!

  4. Isis has recently claimed me. When I first started on my pagan path, I had not really selected a deity. I have homage to Brigid, because my first ritual was on Imbolc. It was easy to honor her, Morrigan, and Cerunnos. Recently however, Isis has made it clear that I belong to her.
    I’m tracing my ancestry, I was able to dolls my mother’s line to Egypt. Even before that I’d always been fascinated by everything Egyptian. Tonight I will be dedicating myself to Her. I figure if She wants me bad enough to stay just in sight and mind, even if only peripherally, my entire life, then I owe it to Her to serve as her servant and preistess.

    • Many blessings on your dedication. She will enrich your life immeasurably. I wish you all good things.

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