Posted by: Isidora | August 2, 2010

What’s to Become of Isiopolis?

SunFest has come and gone now. We just had the “IsisFeast” final ritual cast and temple crew party. The shrine itself is ensconced in our backyard. I have fulfilled my votive vow to blog the experience. And now I must recharge my spiritual batteries.

So Isiopolis is going to take a hiatus for a while. I’m going to talk with Isis, Thoth, Heka, and Weret Hekau to see where They may guide me. I won’t be writing about any of it until much later in the process. When that time comes, I’ll bring Isiopolis back online. So it’s just going to sit here for a while…being quiet and meditating. And so shall I.

Under Her Wings,




  1. Dear Isadora,
    Greetings, Daughter of Isis! I’m starting my Iseum “Hathor, Lady of the West.” I am just an Adept in the FOI, I am a Priestess in the strega tradition.
    Are you going to be having another Sunfest in 2011? Please, when you know, if you could let your devotees of Isis know. And thank you for all the groups & work you do for the Goddess, inder her many names.
    Hathor blessings,
    Donna Swindells

  2. Hi, Donna!

    Ah, this was a one-time thing. There will be a SunFest next year, but it won’t be an Isis SunFest.

    Actually don’t think I could do that every year 😉 LOTS of work. Next thing for me will be some Isis classes, but need to get Isis Magic republished so we can have a text book.

    Isis blessings on your Hathor work!

    Under Her Wings,

  3. I check back once in a while to see if you’ve restarted this wonderful blog. I would love for Isis Magic to be republished! That would be welcome news indeed.

    May you and yours enjoy many blessings this holiday season.

    Under Her Wings,


  4. Amma Iset!
    Bravissimo Bella, great website. Truly.
    My name is James Jacob Pierri, a Hierophant Isiac Priest & member of the F.O.I.
    I’d love to talk & perhaps work together in the future.
    Please contact me when you return.
    Ciao amici

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