You’ve seen the beautiful Shrine of Isis for SunFest…and now I have a photo of the Pylon Gate for you. The huge Disk, Horns, and Throne of Isis you see on top is our solar talisman and will be carried in procession from City to City to receive a blessing at each City altar.

The Pylon Gate of the Isis Temple for SunFest; here you see it in the artist's workshop in which it was created.

The Gate is envisioned as the womb of the Goddess, through which we all pass at the end of the Saturday ritual, Carrying the Sun, as we arise from the Underworld in the love of Her Radiant Light. The hieroglyphs you see here say, “Remember that you pass through the Womb of the Goddess, remember.” We are protected by the twin Knots of Isis above and the twin ankhs of life on the sides.

"Remember that you pass through the Womb of the Goddess, remember."

And on the exterior of the Pylon are two scarab beetles, the solar image of transformation:

A sacred ancient Egyptian symbol of transformation, the scarab beetle adorns our Pylon Gate.