Posted by: Isidora | May 24, 2010

But wait, there’s more

Did you think that the simply gorgeous shrine of the Goddess I showed you the other day was all there is? O no, my darlings. Our Imhotep (“He in Peace”) and his crew of temple builders have created a Pylon Gate and five Obelisks—and a Lotus Pool—for the festival as well.

The Pylon Gate plays an extremely important part in the festival as it serves as the principal talisman of the main ritual, Carrying the Sun. The Gate is crowned with the Golden (gold-leafed, I believe) Horns, Disk & Throne of Isis (which was an incredible work in and of itself) that will be carried from City to City to receive a blessing at each City altar. Then, at the finale of the rite, each person at the festival will pass through the Gate, receiving a portion of the blessings stored in the talisman and confirming their individual experiences with Isis.

I don’t have a pic of the Gate to show you now. But it is shaped like the pylons of an Egyptian temple, and surmounted with the Horns, Disk & Throne of Isis and supported by incredible—black—uraeus wings. The Gate itself is black with gold decoration, as it is the Gate through which we pass from the Underworld to the new Light of the Radiant Goddess Isis. And it contrasts with the brilliant, shining, illuminating gold of the Sun Disk itself.

The Obelisks mark the four directions and the center, the Iset Ib or “Heart of Isis.” I haven’t seen them yet, but I hear they will have lighted, crystal pyramidions, or capstones.

The priestesses and priests are learning their ritual lines and practicing the magic…the CD of temple chants and ambient music is being mixed…the City Banners have been painted by my lovely, darling Philentheos…the temple is being completed…the priestess (me) is ecstatic.

Have you sent your registration in yet? O my, o my. This is going to be an amazing festival. We can’t wait to see you!



  1. Directions and dates would be appreciated. Also, suggestions of how to organize an Isis event in Va Beach Va.

  2. Hello, Jeanne!

    Here’s the site for festival registration:

    It will be the first thing that comes up. Dates are June 24-27 and the location is at a private campsite at the Oregon Coast. You get specific directions when you register.

    As far as suggestions, I think one thing that’s been very nice for us is that we’re working with an established group that is taking care of all the site stuff and registration stuff and legal stuff. That leaves me free to concentrate on the ritual and priest/essly training and our temple architect to concentrate on the temple building.

    There’s also been quite a bit of fundraising for our temple…yours needn’t be quite so crazy 😉

    We have actually been working on this festival since last October. The ritualists have been meeting to build their relationship with Isis, and I think construction of the temple began sometime around December. And we really needed ALL of that time. So “start early” is another clue 😉

    Please feel free to use the rituals posted on this blog for anything you wish to do as far as event in your area. The main ritual is targeted to Summer Solstice, but most everything else is adaptable or not time-specific. Proper attribution is all I ask if you should happen to use any of this.

    My old hometown is Chesapeake, Va…so am well familiar with the area. If you do a festival there, please do let me know…would love to see Her honored in my old home.

    Under Her Wings,

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