Last weekend we had a ritual rehearsal as well as a rehearsal of putting the Goddess’ SunFest temple together. Ever since, I’ve been trying to find words for it. In this case, a picture will indeed have to do the work of a thousand words for I still haven’t been able to find the right ones.

This temple has blossomed by the devotion of many, many hands. We’re estimating somewhere between 500-600 crew hours—every one of them donated by an incredible range of artists. Glass art and architecture by Michael Agee of AG Glass Studio. Copper shrine doors by Lee Graham. Painting, sanding, hammering, assembling, slepping by members of the Temple of Isis and Other Worlds of Wonder.

Just have a look…and this is just the central shrine. This doesn’t count the pylon gates, the obelisks, what we’re calling the “dancing floor,” which is a set of platforms that extend to the left and right of the shrine and will be where our Dreamers of Isis will “incubate” and dream of the Goddess. Oh, and the Lotus Pool…

Two priests of Isis venerate Her sacred image in Her beautiful SunFest shrine.

But wait, there’s more…

A side view of the Temple of Isis that will rise at SunFest, with a glimpse of Her inner shrine.

…and yet more. The sacred image of the Goddess, seated upon Her throne, is behind the closed doors. Wanna see Her up close and personal? Come join us 😉

These doors are copper repoussé by the artist Lee Graham, also known as Dancing Raya.