Posted by: Isidora | April 25, 2010

Lotus Pillars Complete; Shrine Under Contstruction

All ten of the lotus pillars for the Temple of Isis the Radiant Goddess for SunFest XXII are complete! So are the decorative lotus facing boards for the temple floor and roofing. Yay! That was easy. Here’s what the lotus pillars look like all finished and all in a group.

The lotus pillars for the Temple of Isis...sort of like you'll see them as you enter Her temple's holy of holies.

Work is now being done on the temple roof, which will be covered in stars, the belly of Her Mother Nuet. The lotus pool is also under construction. Yes, a lotus pool. Yes, with water. Yes, with lotuses.

Also under construction is the holy of holies, the shrine where the sacred image of Isis will be housed and where she will be available to all who come to the festival. Our artist friend, Raya (see her art here, is making two guardian Goddesses in embossed copper to grace the doors. Here’s what the shrine cabinet looks like right now:

Our Imhotep and priest Adam at work on the shrine of the Goddess



  1. Love your Temple! We put up a woodhenge in our backyard that has lasted for five years but now needs replacing. I would love to construct (DIY) a Temple similar to yours. Perhaps your architect wouldn’t mind making it available to other groups for a nominal fee and credit, or perhaps offer their services for other such projects. Would love links to your architect and door artist. Blessed Be We The Free.

    • Would love to see a pic of your woodhenge 🙂 Our architect is in fact working on a larger building project right now…but I’ll mention it!

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