The Temple of Isis is taking (even more!) shape.

The painting is in process. As you’ll see in these photos, the exterior and interior lotus pillars are pretty far along. The other (huge!) piece of work that’s coming to flower right now are the glass lotuses that will grace the steps of the shrine itself, we have both blue and white lotuses. Our Imhotep is a glass artist…and thus we have these gorgeous glass lotuses. Isis Herself gave instruction about the white lotuses.

The Artisans of Isis assemble the glass lotuses and pediment decoration for the Temple of the Goddess

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this created for any Pagan festival before. I keep saying that I stand in awe, because, well, I do. What these people are creating is truly amazing.

During the festival, the temple will be open all day, every day. Everyone is invited to come to the temple anytime they like; even just to hang out.

While there will certainly be opportunity to make offering to Isis, to pray, chant, meditate—and even serve in the temple if you wish, we also want the temple to simple BE there for everyone to enjoy throughout the festival.

Priestesses Aurora and Lomoar paint the capitals of the lotus pillars for the Temple of Isis

In this post, I’ll show you what we’re doing with the temple so far.

In the next one, I’ll talk a bit about Egyptian temples in general—their structure and meaning.

These guys were not just making big buildings for the Deities. They had magic in mind…

The lotus pillars for the Temple of Isis in various stages of completion
Close up of the capitals for the lotus pillars
The glass crew hams it up for the camera...notice the blue lotuses!
A close up of the blue lotuses that will adorn Her temple