This is an account of one of my formative visions of the Goddess. I have never considered it historical truth…because…well…it was a vision. Generally, visions tend to be more along the lines of mythic truth, and most particularly, they tend to be mythic truth for the person having the vision. This is mine; a visionary experience that deeply affected me and has been a foundation for some of my personal ideas about one of the most ancient forms of Isis.

I had been doing a series of visions with the Goddess, asking Her to show me scenes from the history of Her worship. As this vision began, I knew—in that way that one knows in vision—that this scene was to be a very ancient one; even primordial.

As my mind’s eyes opened, I found myself in a marshy area under a noontime sky. Brilliant green grasses waved in a soft, warm, and quite humid breeze. The scent of living and dying plants rose and fell on that ancient breeze. The breath of Isis, replete with the lives and deaths of all things, breathed on me. I took Her into my lungs. The scent of sharp green sprouting. The scent of moist decay, sweet and sickly. A musk of plant or animal.

Then my attention was captured by the body of water before me. A disturbance beneath the surface, an uprising; something coming.

A tall human figure was walking out of that dark water in a bright ecstasy. Her eyes were closed, Her mouth opened in a slight smile. She was clothed only in the living creatures that accompanied Her. A black kite hawk rested upon Her head and embraced the sides of Her head with its wings. Her black hair clung wetly to Her body, falling to Her breasts Serpents entwined both arms, moving slowly, lovingly. A tusked boar walked on Her left, a crocodile on Her right. They were Her companions, almost pets. Behind Her came a long-horned cow and bull, along with their calves. As She emerged from the water, all the animals of Egypt came with Her, each of them filled with a Divine and ecstatic calm imparted to them by the Goddess. There may have been no human beings at this early time; I don’t know.

Clearly, She was the Lady of the Beasts. She did not speak to me. She simply showed Herself to me in this way. It doesn’t sound that impressive when I write it out like this. Yet it was. It hit me so strongly as Truth. I would never claim it as historical truth; but for me, it is decidedly mythic Truth.

I sometimes come across the opinion that Isis was a relatively unimportant Egyptian Goddess Who somehow became this Universal Goddess. I say bullshit. Isis “became” a Universal Goddess because She always was. She is ancient and eternal. The Goddess IS; She always has been.

The cultural gloss we human beings attach to our Deities is just that: paint, a coloration. The Truth of each one—and of all of Them together—is the primordial Truth; the Truth that the Divine exists.