This brief rite will be part of our afternoon workshop on Isis as a Sun Goddess. We will capture a flame from the Sun that will then be part of our evening main ritual.

Preparation for the Rite: Two Fire Priest/esses prepare flash paper, twigs, and kindling in a brazier or fire pit before the Temple of Isis in a very sunny spot.  IF IT IS NOT A SUNNY DAY, have firestarters ready.

Ritual Tools: Flash paper; kindling; brazier; magnifying glasses, sistra, firestarter; yellow votive candle in holder

P/s Fire 1: (To group) Sing with us this hymn to Isis the Radiant One. We will sing one line, then you repeat, and we’ll sing it several times so we can all learn it.

Priesthood: (Singing and playing sistra) Isis, we drink Your sunlight.

All: Isis, we drink Your sunlight.

Priesthood: Radiant One, we breathe You in.

All: Radiant One, we breathe You in.

Priesthood: Isis, we eat Your magic.

All: Isis, we eat Your magic.

Priesthood: Radiant One, take us within.

All: Radiant One, take us within.

All repeat several times.

Fire Priest/ess 2 comes to the center where s/he can see the Sun.

P/s Fire 2: What Exists LIVES when SHE shines!

(To group) Close your eyes and let the sunlight shine upon your eyelids. As the red-gold of Isis the Radiant One touches you, She sees you, recognizes you, knows you. And She coaxes you to growth in Her yellow heat.

Like lotuses blooming, we open ourselves for Her, to the Radiant Goddess—to She Who is called the Gold and the Female Re and the Flame.

(To the Goddess) At this Summer Solstice time, at this hour, in the place, O Isis, Your solar fire is in greatest strength. And we, Your children, ask a boon of the strong. We ask that You send us a ray of Your soul-illuminating light so that when we descend this night to the Underworld—to bring Your light even to that darkness—Your red-gold sunlight will be with us to light our way and illumine the shadows.

Done. Fire Priest/ess 2 rejoins the group.

P/s Fire 1: The Radiant Goddess will send us Her light if we will but accept it. Will we, Her children, accept Her gift?

All: YES!

P/s Fire 1: (Taking out magnifying glass and focusing it on the kindling) Then, let us focus our attention upon the brazier in our midst and invoke a ray of light from the heart of the Goddess.

Priest/ess Fire 2 joins Priest/ess Fire 1 and they use their magnifying glasses to concentrate the sunlight on the flash paper.

All: (Chanting) Isis-Re, light our way!

All continue chanting until kindling is aflame and Fire Priest/esses deem the fire is ready.

P/s Fire 1:  Isis the Radiant One has brought Her flame to the temple that we have prepared for Her.

P/s Fire 2: Let us each think of some aspect of our spiritual lives that we would ask Isis to help illuminate for us during the ritual tonight.

Done. Pausing a few minutes.

Isidora: (To group) When we gather for our main ritual tonight, we will bring this Sunlight of the Goddess with us to illuminate the darkness of the Underworld and whatever we each shall ask of Her.

The rite begins at 8:30. Until then, may the blessings of the Goddess be upon you.