This is the second of two offering rites for Isis in which we will participate at SunFest XXII. The offerings for this rite are offerings of ritual created entirely on-site by festival participants in their Cities.

About the Rite: This rite is to present to the Goddess the offerings that were created by each City, including the City of Children, earlier in the day. Cities will have practiced their offerings at a rehearsal immediately prior to this rite.

Ritual Tools: Cities should bring anything they need for their specific ritual offerings into the circle with them. Priesthood should have their sistra.

Preparation: All Citizens should remain in their Cities until called by the heralds. Upon entering the ritual circle, Citizens will please remain with their Cities. City of Children should stay with the priestesses of Philae.

Gathering of the Cities

Heralds walk from City to City, requesting each City to come to the Temple of Isis to make offering to the Goddess. (Isiopolis is already at the Temple.) As each City arrives, they move into the circle and remain near their Cities. Priesthood of Isis asks people to have their representatives chosen. When all are present, Offering Priest/ess shakes sistrum to call everyone to order. All priesthood joins in.

Offer P/s: We call upon Isis the Radiant One, Lady of Flame, Mother of Light. As Isis feeds us with Her Love and Her Power and Her Magic and Her Wisdom at this Summer Solstice season, so now do we nourish Her with ours.


Offering Priest/ess comes to stand between the Shrine and the Lotus Pool so that all may see her/him, and faces center.

Offer P/s: We invoke You, Isis the Radiant One! You are the Lady of the Solstice Sun. You are the beautiful Golden One. You are the Inducer to Growth, the Feeder of Souls. Come, Goddess, we ask You! Come Goddess and receive the offerings that we, Your children, have prepared for You. Come, Great Isis, and accept these offerings of our hearts.

Offering Priest/ess steps back into the circle.

Offer P/s: We further invoke Our Lady with singing and the sistra that please Her. Let us call Her with this chant: “Arise, Isis. Arise, Isis. Arise, Isis for me!”

All: (Chanting) Arise, Isis. Arise, Isis. Arise, Isis for me!

Offer P/s: Hear my voice, I speak the truth. By the Magic of Isis, I know that She is truly present in Her Temple and in this circle!

(To the Goddess) All-Radiant Isis, we praise You: You, Goddess Black & Bright, are the Lightbringer to the Earth. From the darkness of the Otherworld, Your face rises, floods the world with light, and the world takes shape. From the moon-chaos of dream, we awaken each morning and are taken into Your beautiful day. You are a living fire, creating day. In the sun-quickened air, O Isis, we drink Your sunlight. O Isis, we breathe You in. O Goddess, we eat Your magic. Radiant One, take us within.

Beautiful One, accept our offerings and shine Your Light upon us.

Offering Priest/ess takes up small bowl with the numbers 1 through 9 each written on a slip of paper. Note: the City of Children will go last; they need not draw.

Making Offering

Offer P/s: Let the representatives of each City come forth.


Offer P/s: I ask you each to draw a number from this bowl. This is the order in which your group will present its offering. When the group that has drawn number 1 is ready, simply begin. When the first group is finished, the second group may begin, and so on, until all the offerings have been made. The offering of the children will be the last offering.

This is done. Cities makes offering to Isis, taking 2 minutes each.


Offer P/s: We have been washed in the sacred sunlight of Isis. We have climbed up on sunbeams. O Isis, give us Your hand for we have made offering unto You.

(To group) Sing with me, Her Sunlight Chant: (singing) Isis, we drink Your sunlight, Radiant One, we breathe You in…

All: (Repeating) Isis, we drink Your sunlight, Radiant One, we breathe You in…

Offer P/s: Isis, we eat You magic, Radiant One, take us within.

All: (Repeating) Isis, we eat Your magic, Radiant One, take us within…(repeating as desired).

Offer P/s:  Be in peace, Isis, be in peace. Amma, Iset

All: (Repeating) Amma, Iset!

Offer P/s: We have made offering to Isis. At 6:30 we gather for a shared feast and Shenu Shenit talent sharing, then at 8:30 we begin the Rite of Carrying the Sun. May you all be blessed.

The rite is finished. All exit.