Every morning at SunFest XXII, we will offer a morning meditation for those who wish to join us. This is the Saturday morning meditation.

The Iset Ib Meditation

All gather at the Temple of Isis.

Wings & Breath of Isis

Guiding Priest/ess teaches the Wings & Breath. Repeat 7 times.

Greeting the Goddess

P/s: Let us begin a soft chanting and freeform singing of the name of Isis. Feel free to be inspired. No need to be loud; it’s early. As we do this, let us also take turns entering the temple and greeting the sacred image of Isis. Remembering that the spark of Isis’ consciousness has been awakened in this image this very morning, you may touch the image, bow to Her, or make any other kind of greeting that seems right to you. The Goddess is present in Her image as She is present in all things.

NOTE: In chanting, include the epithets Radiant One, Great of Magic, All Goddess, Isis-Hathor, Isis-Sekhmet, Wise One, Green One, Great Mother, Black One.

P/s: Now let us be reseated and close our eyes…

Breathe deeply and slowly of the breath of Isis. Remember the fire that burns at the very center of your beating heart.

Heart Joined to Heart

P/s: Listen to the morning. And hear the heartbeat of Great Isis all around you. Her heartbeat is in all things. In the breath of the sky. In the song of birds. In the wind moving through grass and trees. In the flowing of the waters. In the thrumming of the great, deep Earth.

Listen and find the rhythm of the heartbeat of Isis, the Golden One—the Great Goddess. (Pausing to do this) Become very aware of that rhythm.

Now, become aware of your own heart—awakened and alive and open within your body. Place your finger on your pulse if need be to feel the beating of your own life.

Now attune your heart to the rhythm of Her Living heart. Let it slow or speed to meet Hers. Attune your heart to Hers until the two hearts beat in harmony. (Pausing) Confirm my words as if they were your own as I speak them…

My Mother. My heart. My Mother. My heart.

I am aware in my heart. I am in power in my heart. I am aware and in power in my heart, which is the heart given to me by my human mother—and by my Great Mother Isis.

My Mother. My heart. My Mother. My heart.

I am intelligent in my heart. I am compassionate in my heart. I am intelligent and compassionate in my heart, which is the heart which drums in rhythm with the heart of Isis, the Golden One.

My Mother. My heart. My Mother. My heart.

I am alive in my heart. I am full in my heart. I am alive and full in my heart, the center of all Being, the beginning of all Becoming. I am alive and full in my heart, and my heart knows all the joys and pleasures of my life.

In the fullness of my Being, I am Becoming joyful. The Star of Isis arises—all is well. Isis comes—peace returns. I am sitting in the Throne of Abundance bathed in the light of the day. Once again, I attune my human heart to Her Divine heart.

With human heart joined to Divine Heart, we are grateful. Let us continue our thanksgiving at this Summer Solstice, this pinnacle of the light of the year. In our hearts now, let us name some things for which we are grateful.

I am grateful for: 

Allow time for all participants to name several things. NOTE: if the group is small, priest/ess may choose to have participants name things aloud. If large, keep it silent.

P/s: (Completing the thanksgiving) My Mother. My heart. My Mother. My heart. I am aware in my heart and I am grateful in my heart. You have blessed me, Isis, and I bless You in return. Amma, Iset. Grant that it ever be so.

May the blessings of Isis be upon us all this day.