All are invited to join together at the Temple of Isis for a morning meditation each day of the festival. This—or something like it—is the Friday morning meditation.

All gather at the Temple of Isis. Priest/ess of the Wings teaches Wings & Breath. Repeat 7 times.

Greeting the Goddess

P Wings: Let us begin a soft chanting and freeform singing of the name of Isis. Feel free to be inspired. No need to be loud; it’s early. As we do this, let us also take turns entering the small temple shrine and greeting the sacred image of Isis. Remembering that the spark of Isis’ consciousness has been awakened in this image this very morning, you may touch the image, bow to Her, or make any other kind of greeting that seems right to you. The Goddess is present in Her image as She is present in all things.

Note: In chanting, include the epithets Radiant One, Great of Magic, All Goddess, the Golden One, the, Healer, Wise One, Green One, Great Mother, Black One.

P Wings: Let us be seated and close our eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly of the breath of Isis. Remember the fire that burns at the very center of your beating heart.

Becoming the Blue Lotus

P Wings: Imagine that you are a Blue Lotus bud, floating soft upon the waters. It is just before dawn and the sky is passing from night black to a deep indigo. A thousand petals enclose the warmth of your heart, which waits to be awakened by the light of the Star of Isis. The dawn winds do not yet blow, there is only stillness and waiting. Before you, you can see the line, which divides the World of the Living from the World of the Dead. There, at the Horizon, a star is now coming forth from between the paws of the lions, Yesterday and Tomorrow; a star is being born from between the thighs of Nuet. You are witness to a miracle as the Goddess Isis, as Sothis, arises from the Underworld.

From out of the Hidden Place, you see the brightest star in the heavens rising—the Star of Isis. As you watch the star rise higher, focus attention on your heart. And together, let us vibrate “Isis” three times.

All:        (Vibrating) ISIS. ISIS. ISIS.

P Wings: We can feel Her presence now, the nearness of the Great Goddess Isis. Her star shines yet more brightly and moves through the dawning sky until it comes to rest just above you. As the starlight of Isis touches you, your lotus petals respond. You feel anticipation. “Open,” says the Light. And you begin to open.

The outermost petals of your Being open to the Light of Isis. Feel the starlight energy flow in from above you, into your heart, and out to the edges of your aura. ”Open,” says the Light. And you open. Another layer of petals blooms, responding to the Light of Isis. Starlight streams into your heart and washes outward as the petals blossom. “Open,” says the Light. And you open.

The innermost petals of your Being come to full life. Diamond starlight touches your heart and courses throughout your body and being. Let the Light grow brighter and brighter above you, this brightest star becoming like a sun above your head. Sothis, the bringer of nourishment, Isis the Giver of Life shines upon you. You are now fully open to Her Light. Your heart beats loudly. Listen to it. Then say with me, “I am open to the Light of Isis. I live in the Light of Isis. I shine with the Light of Isis.”

All: I am open to the Light of Isis. I live in the Light of Isis. I shine with the Light of Isis.

P Wings: May the blessings of Isis be upon us all this day. You are all invited to join together once again at noon for an offering to the Radiant Goddess Isis when Her Golden Face—the Sun—is high in the sky.