At the next Gathering of the Priestesses & Priests of Isis, we’ll be working with the Opening of the Ways Ritual. To prepare, you might like to do some of these elemental Isis meditations between now and our next Gathering on the 27th of December:


To your sacred space or temple, bring a stone or handful of earth, a candle, a feather, and a cup of water. Slowly repeat this affirmation: “Isis is all things and all things are Isis. Her Breath is the Air, Her Will is the Fire, Her Blood is the Water, Her Body, the Earth.” As you repeat the phrase (alternately, you may sing it to a tune of your own devising), consider each of the elemental symbols you have brought with you, experiencing each with all six of your senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, scent, and intuition or the psychic sense.


This meditation may be done in your sacred space or outside on a bright, sunny day. After opening your rite, be seated comfortably and begin to consider Isis as the Lady of the Breath of Life, the animator of all the Living World. As She fanned the breath of life into Osiris, so Her breath gives life to All Things. Consider how the breath is the life. Follow your breath, in and out, as you meditate. To conclude your meditations, stand and work the Wings and Breath of Isis, breathing in and out all you have learned about the Lady of Life.


This meditation may be conducted either inside or outdoors by a river, lake, stream, or ocean. Consider the idea that the waters of the Earth are indeed the blood and tears of Isis the Goddess. What does it mean that the waters are Her blood? What does it mean that the waters are Her tears? What does it mean that when She bleeds or weeps, we benefit? ISIS OF FIRE This meditation may be conducted either inside with a lighted candle or in the out of doors where you can build a small fire. The Egyptians associated fire with power, fierceness (especially protective fierceness), and with magic. Consider what it means that the Goddess is powerful. Consider what it means that She can be fierce and fiercely protective. Consider what it means that She is powerfully magical.


This meditation may be conducted either inside or outside where you can sit upon the Earth. The Egyptians considered that without the Divine Throne to establish the Place of Being, nothing could exist. In the same way, without the Earth, nothing could exist for us. As Isis’ name means Throne, consider the idea that She is also the Earth. Consider how Isis of the Earth is that which enables us to exist.