We had our second Gathering of the Priestesses and Priests of Isis yesterday. My compliments to the priestesses who performed the Rite of Awakening and the Rite of Entering the Night. Beautiful!

We also did a meditation called the Lotus Wand of Isis—basically a Middle Pillar or chakra meditation—vibrating a particular epithet of Isis in each of six energy centers down the center of our bodies.

There was a request for a list of the Goddess’ epithets we vibrated…and I am pleased to record them here. Just a note to those of you who may have my book, Isis Magic. These are not necessarily the same as those in the book. The names we used in our meditation were:

At the shen (energy center; Egyptian for circle and including the concept of “eternity”) above the head, we invoked Her as Iset Ta Uaet, “Isis, the Only One.” This epithet was Hellenized as Thiouis, which I find particularly lovely.

At the third eye, we invoked Iset Sopdet, “Isis Sothis,” the Goddess Whose symbol is the star Sirius.

At the base of the throat, we called upon Iset Nebet Hekau, “Isis, Lady of Words of Power” for the Goddess Whose words bring forth that which She conceives in Her heart.

At the heart shen, we invoked Iset-Re, “Isis the Sun Goddess” Who is combined with the Sun God, Re. Isis was also called Re-et, which may be translated as “the Female Re.”

At the shen at our genitals, we invoked Iset-Iohet, “Isis the Moon,” for just as She is a Sun Goddess, so is She a Moon Goddess (this was particularly true in later periods of Her worship).

Finally, at the shen beneath our feet, we vibrated the name of Iset Ta, “Isis of the Earth;” the same name we use in the north in the rite of Opening the Ways.

We used just six centers to correspond to the sacred number of the Sun…six.