Posted by: Isidora | November 3, 2009

Opening of the Ways Ritual

Hello, Isians!

Here’s a link to my old Isis Magic site where you can find the text of the Opening of the Ways ritual we used in our last Gathering of the Priestesses and Priests of Isis.

Opening Of The Ways

See you next time!




  1. […] you would like to ritually prepare, I invite you to work the Opening of the Ways. An expanded (rather a lot expanded) version of this ritual will be our Friday night opening […]

  2. […] I have done my own private Isia like this: I shuffle and deal out 14 Tarot cards, representing the 14 parts of the body of Osiris. I place or “hide” the cards in a circle around my temple. Then, during the several days of the festival, I ritually circle the temple, “finding” some of the cards until I have “found” them all. Then I assemble them into a roughly human-shaped, stick-figure Osiris. (This is a fairly large spread, so I place it in the middle of the floor of my temple.) On the last day of the festival, I turn over the cards, revealing them, and read them as an omen for the coming season and coming year. Naturally—to expand the rite and get myself in the proper magical frame of time, I use temple openings and closings of my choice from Isis Magic. (The Opening of the Ways works quite well; if you haven’t got your own copy of Isis Magic, you’ll find it here.) […]

  3. […] my epigomenal vacation this week, I had the luxury of frequent invocation of the Goddess. During the Opening of the Ways, I “saw” a flash of a scene that had a deju vu feeling about it, so I decided to follow […]

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