About a week ago, we had our first Gathering of the Priestesses and Priests of Isis for next year’s SunFest.

May I say, ladies and gentlemen, what a talented group has come forth for the Goddess? I believe you may expect to have a beautiful and deeply soul-touching experience if you will be joining us for SunFest. (Don’t ask me about dates, yet. That’s not my department and they haven’t been announced yet.)

I love that so many people have come together, all having been touched by the Goddess in one way or another. Some have been devoted to Her for many years. Some are new to Her, but felt deeply called. Some made a connection with Her during pilgrimage to Egypt.

One of the most interesting things that came out of this first Gathering is that many people wanted to sing for Isis. And so we shall. We will sing in the Temple, we will sing in the day, we will sing in the night. And everyone can join in as they so desire. And I’m sure there will be lots more interesting developments as we go along.