Posted by: Isidora | August 29, 2009

Modern Isis

I was just remarking to Adam the other day how important it is to me to have modern images of Isis—along with the more ancient Egyptian ones. (He knows this, of course. He’s gifted me with several of my modern Isises.) I wanted to share one of my favorites…well actually, this is my absolute favorite.

She is the Egyptian Rocket Goddess by Audrey Flack.

Egyptian Rocket Goddess by Audrey Flack

Egyptian Rocket Goddess by Audrey Flack

Please see more of Ms. Flack’s beautiful Goddess/Heroine sculptures at And DO NOT MISS the public commissions section.

To me, the Rocket Goddess is decidedly Isis, in Her Magician form, I think. The blast-off power of the rockets is the rocket ride of magic; and the snake draped about Her shows us Her Weret Hekau (Great of Magic) serpent form. Goddess! Is She not fabulous? Apparently, this sculpture is in a private collection in Canada somewhere. So I must content myself with a photo….



  1. This definitely resounates with me, Thank you for sharing. Gypsy

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that image. It is beyond wonderful. Do you plan on posting more modern image of Isis? That would be fantastic:)

    By the way I have been using your book “Isis Magic” for the past 4 months faithfully and it is helping me transform myself and my life. Thank you so much for the time and love you put into that book.

    Rebecca C. Wright

  3. Thank you, Rebecca! SHE is so beautiful! But you know that, don’t you?


  4. Thank you for this beautiful & awe-striking statue of the Goddess Isis, it is one that speaks without words.

  5. Wow Isidora, the sculpture is fantastic. Who wouldn’t love it and it indeed ” feels” like Isis to me too.
    Ankh em Ma’at,

  6. I just google surfed in looking for items on Isis (I’m a recent devotee)…and I was shocked to see Audrey Flack’s Egyptian Rocket Goddess. ^_^
    As a teenager I got the chance to see Audrey Flack’s work in person at a huge exhibit they had at the Butler Art Museum in Youngstown, Ohio. I must say…this statue really made an impact on me personally as an artist….
    You’ve got a wonderful blog, btw 🙂

  7. This inspires me to make some virtual images of isis 🙂

    • ohh..please do!

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