Posted by: Isidora | August 17, 2009

Dreaming of the Temple of Isis

Our Celebration of Isis the Radiant Goddess at SunFest 2010 is beginning to take shape. My dear friend and sister/brother, Lysios—also the Force of Nature & Humanity behind the Fall EQ Inanna festival of last year (for those of you who know)—has agreed to be our Imhotep, our temple builder, for the Festival.

My vision is the ritual. His vision is the ritual space. Ahh, and we are so blessed to have him. There will be a call for those who want to help soon. I so hope you will join us.

Space-wise, one of the things that will be available is a central Isis Temple. It will be always open, always ready to welcome any who come to make offering, to meditate, to pray, to sleep—perchance to dream—or even just to be with each other within Her encircling Wings.



  1. I can’t say how honored and pleased I am to be serving Isis again! Sunfest 2010 will be radiant with the magic of the Lady of Words of Power – and I for one can’t wait to be there.

    If there are any who do not know my sister Isidora – beloved of Isis and author of ‘Isis Magic’ – deep water founder and supporter of our community and a mighty priestess…this is your chance to have a rare festival of magical delight. Really – no kidding – do *not* miss this one.

    The Temple image is forming…She is calling…from everywhere…millions of places, all at once…..Come!

    Yes, the call will go out for Temple builders – artisans and craftspersons of all talents. We need woodowrkers, metalworkers, clothworkers, sacred fire tenders…and whatever Isidora and Isis tell me we need! Love it!


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