Posted by: Isidora | June 11, 2009

Who is Isis? Part 2: aspects of the Goddess

This is part of an answer I sometimes give when people ask me Who Isis is. It can say nothing about Who She really is—for who can define Goddess (see previous post)? But it does offer some notes on a few of Her ten-thousand names…

Isis is the Great Goddess “Throne,” the original Cause and Place of Being. She is the ancient Great Mother Who gives birth and rebirth to Her people as they pass through Her enthroning lap. She is the Lady Who nurtures and sustains them with the blessings of the Earth, which She—as the Primordial Place of Being—is.

She is the Goddess of Magic, Who embodies and wields the most potent energy in the universe: the energy of magic. She is the magician Who uses Her magic to heal the hurts of the body and the hurts of our hearts, Who creates with the “thoughts of Her heart and the words of Her tongue.”

She is the Lady of Green Plants Who, when Her soul rises as the star Sirius, heralds the beginning of the season of fertility. She is the one Whose tears of lamentation for Osiris, Her Beloved Husband—and for us—fills the rivers of the Earth and causes Her sacred river, the Nile, to rise. She is the Lady of rivers and seas, the protectress of those who travel or work upon the Waters.

She is the Goddess of Women Who not only protects women in childbirth and in marriage, but She is Isis the Feminist Who said “I did make the power of women equal to the power of men.”

She is the Black One, Isis of the Mysteries, Who offers us rebirth even in this life and guides us through the Mysteries of Death and the Land of the Dead.

She is Isis the Lady of Initiation. And because of this, She is also Isis Sotera, Isis the Savior, Who renews us, cares for our souls, and can aid us throughout the difficulties of our lives.

She is the Lady of Wisdom, Goddess of esoteric knowledge. She could not be destroyed even during the time of Christian exclusivity in the West. Instead, She veiled Herself and went underground in the secret societies like the Rosicrucians and the Masons and among the magicians. She was hidden in the alchemical texts and it is likely that some of Her statues are among the famous Black Madonnas.

Most important of all, Isis is Living Goddess. She is brightly, passionately, magically alive within the hearts of so many women and men today.



  1. Hi Isidora!! I think of Isis as the Universe! At one point in the creation of the Cosmos, there was a group of 10,000 stars and one of them became our Sun – I see Isis dancing to us through this creation…and to quote my favourite lines (edited out of “Isis Magic”!!)…”Hither to us Isis for Whom Heaven has come into being as a Dancing Place!”

  2. I like to call her the GREAT SHE! And you’re right, she can hardly be defined. She is so many things and these things may be different to each one of us.

    Congratulations on Isiopolis. It’s beautiful! No doubt your devotion is appreciated and will be warmly rewarded.

    In support of your blog, I thought I’d share something I put together just for light fun in honor of Her upcoming birthday…..

    As we gear up for another Isis Birthday celebration at the Vintage Tea
    Leaf in Long Beach, CA in July, where we’ve been having our annual Isis
    Birthday Salons and Tea for a number of years, I thought it might be
    festive to have some light hearted fun for those living afar geared
    toward turning our focus on Isis and even raise awareness of some facts
    about HER. Lillian, the founder of the radio station where I host
    Voices of the Sacred Feminine said, “Let me make a puzzle for you about
    Isis and tell you listeners!” So that’s what she made possible.

    As a tribute to Isis, we’ve created a puzzle of facts related to Her.
    Test your knowledge, then light a candle in honor of She of Ten Thousand
    Names for her birthday next month. Tell your friends. See if you have
    all the answers…..I’ll post the answers sometime in August.

    Just click on this link:
    Scroll past information on my show, upcoming guests, interviews you can
    listen to for FREE, etc and there’s the Isis Puzzle. Print it out and
    see what you remember!

    And if you’re in the Long Beach area, and would like to join us for the
    Isis Birthday Salon and Tea on Sunday, July 19th at 2-4PM, it only
    costs $20.00. Men are definitely welcome! Bring a poem, invocation or
    birthday wish for Isis and Mary Magdalene, whose birthday we’re
    celebrating in July as well. And we’re having a special guest this year
    – Author Marguerite Rigoglioso, author of Cult of Divine Birth in
    Ancient Greece. You should contact me off-list and let me know you’re
    coming. Payments are due by July 10th.

    And don’t forget, as we’re celebrating Isis, in a spirit of reciprocity
    and giving, you can download FREE meditations on my website, including
    one that takes you on a guided journey to the Isis Temple

    Click here to find them:

    Have Fun!


  3. Blessings Isidora:

    I think of Isis/Aset as our beginnings of humankind. She is our Radiant Sun—Our Regenerating Moon.

    Love and Light

  4. I love that these womyn are saying She is the Sun! For the Sun is certainly, SHE!

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