Posted by: Isidora | May 17, 2009

Welcome to Isiopolis

IsisIsiopolis is all about Isis (the Goddess…not the band, the nuclear nonproliferation association, the software, or the pharmaceutical company—though it is interesting to note how often the Goddess has become associated with one science or another).

I’ll upload a proper First Post once I get it written. In the meantime, please take a look at About Isiopolis for some preliminary information on the real Isiopolis and on my intent for this blog.

If you have questions about Isis, feel free to leave them as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer or try to point you to an answer.IsisTemple1



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    Isidora, I really think that it is great that you have decided to develop a purely Isian blog. I am not aware of any blogs in which Isis is even an
    important subject of discussion much less the main subject. I also have great respect for your skills of a historian of Isis during the kemetic
    period, classical Greco Roman period ,and of her role in latter Western Civilization. I will be reading your blog regularly.

    Note. I would like to invite you to a blog developed by myself called “Aset Maryam.” Its link is
    As you no doubt can immediately see via its name that its theological approach differs greatly from what I would call normative Isianism. I hope that you find it of interest.

    Glenn King

    • Thanks, Glenn…I will definitely check in on asetmaryam.

  2. regarding the “Opening of the Ways” ritual 🙂

    can i open the Shrines at each cardinal direction
    instead of in the center of my circle/sphere?

    or, is it better done
    in the center of the circle/sphere
    & spinning around in one location?

    i know i could just try it out & c for myself
    but i just wanted to hear your thoughts 1st 😉

    i use the version on your hermetic page
    because the invocation is so beautiful 🙂

    “O Isis,
    the ways are open unto Thee.
    I am open unto Thee.
    I invite Thee, enter in now (pleaze).”

  3. Oh yes…you can definitely move to the quarters to open each of the Ways!

  4. Woo hoo! 🙂 Thanks!

    I gave u a “2 snaps” on that post
    about “Why the Goddess is needed.

    Glenn is a little too “heady”. 😉

    Under Her Wings,
    Sibyl 🙂

  5. It’s good to discuss things like this. As a Christian Isian (or how would you put it, Glenn?) Glenn has an important perspective on these issues particularly.

    Besides, I like heady 😉


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